I’ll accept non-CC PayPal or money order. The installation manual runs through all the supported Windows OS versions for a simple and successful installation. I’ve gone as far as installing a W power supply, 3 mm cooling fans an a new CPU cooling fan and can still not get the darn thing to work like it should. Jul 11, Posts: How are the drivers, features etc?

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Opening and closing had no effect, but I need to make sure that the volume is high whenever I hit the close button on MyHD because it only adjusts down, not up. Granted, any capture card that complies with the rule will be crippled depending on the whim of the broadcaster, anyway.

MPlay for the Roku HD I’d be good to go to capture off a satellite feed This card only works with OTA over the air antenna reception.

Dammit, sounds like I could get by using a Geforce I have for the desktop. Since this is a general MDP thread, I’ve got a problem for you.

Both drivers and application software is provided, but it is best to check the Digital Connection website for the latest release.


Thanks for sanity-check, guys– and to jmb who suggested this to me originally. And I am not basing my entire supposition on that blog that I found while doing a 30 second google to back up my claim.

What are these shadow streaks im getting from moving characters? I don’t want to have to purchase a new mobo, but mdpp-100 looking like myyd going to be my next option. The card does not do any compression on its own, it records the exact mpeg2 compression that the tv station encoded the hdtv to.

Feb 22, Posts: So I stopped MyHD via killing it from the mdpp-100 list. The quality of the picture was stunning with low noise, high resolution and excellent color fidelity. SPDIF is for audio.

MyHD MDP HDTV Tuner Card : Moe’s HTPC

Someone better tell those Crimecast bastards. Which seems to be in direct opposition to the broadcast flag It’s a sure thing these cards will be valuable after next July. Nov 24, Posts: Sat Sep 18, 1: The equalization range for the demodulator chip covers all known multipath conditions found in North America.

I can’t think of a better product for the money. TiVo has weaned me from live television anyway.


What file format are the caps stored in? Thu Sep 16, 4: On an athlon 2. I have not tried running the card without the fan. I have it setup so that it scales everything to P. However, I haven’t read the full rule very carefully yet, and it looks like the rule may also allow recording the stream as long as the broadcast flag is retained and the content can only be played on one device. Worked nicely with the above P4 3.

They’re required to if you ask.

HDTV capture card, Price drop for MYHD MDP-120 card

By simply selecting the Tape option in the MyHD software, video was automatically recorded to the VCR tape when programmed or commanded to do so. That way if I screw something up, I can have all day Saturday to try and get it working again. This is real interesting, thanks for myyd headsup.