I was told that the Acard problems don’t occur any more with recent 2. Maybe this problem occurs with all firmware versions below 2. NCR and clones: The TA IV fo ScanExpress scanners can be used for all scanners non-Mustek, too because it doesn’t connect to the scanner itsself, only to a power adapter. The commands seem to be the same, but scanning doesn’t work nevertheless.

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Using buffer sizes of more than bytes with the aha driver can lead to kernel panic.

Mustek scanner list

I think this scanner is similar to the other ScanExpress models but I don’t have any report if it works until now. Compact A4 flatbed scanner; Scans documents up to x mm size. No solution yet, but I think the transfer from the scanner ssi the computer’s memory is too slow. This shouldn’t happen with current Linux kernels.

With its own card the whole kernel hangs sometimes. Playing with them may freeze your kernel completely. I haven’t seen these problems for other scanners, so you are on your own with these. It’s possible to change this mustel the kernel source see man sane-scsi but it’s easier to update to a current 2.


Compare and find the best deals on your favorite brands. Just try one address from the list in the man page that isn’t occupied by your standard parallel port s.

Hi, a 6ya expert can help you resolve that issue over the phone in a minute or two.

I don’t even know the SCSI ids. You may try to use really large buffer sizes 2MB or 4MB as these stripes occur at the end of a buffer. I can’t test all of it because I don’t own all the scanners. Otherwise the backend stalles or pure white images are received. Only the scanners mentioned above are supported by the Mustek backend as far as I know. There is no kernel driver involved.

I had quite some problems with Linux 2. Scanners with firmware 1.

Mustek A3 scanner 600S

I need as much feedback as possible. The slider may bump at the end of the scan area! Some of the features marked as “supported” may not be or not fully supported by the official SANE package, so you have to use the mustem Mustek SCSI backend see download section. If you own such a scanner please write to me see Bug and success reports! USB business card reader.


Mustek ScanExpress A3 SP – flatbed scanner

Note that there are lots of scanners made by Trust with “” in their name. As this information is essential for the detection of the scanner, the backend can’t detect it.

Open the lid on the back of your scanner 4 screws. Probably some of the wires went inside the cylinder.

Drivers for some later ones withor in the. Despite its name it’s a ScanExpress model. I was wanting to buy a A3 Colour Sdsi to scan my work for printing. However, I am interested in reports! USB and Parport scanners have a look at the list of Mustek scanners.

Mustek ScanExpress A3 SP Flatbed Scanner | eBay

Use a “real” SCSI adpater with this scanner. It is neccessary to enable “Quality calibration” for the first scan in any mode. Please contact me when there are new scanners or when a scanner is supported by a backend.