Off On 1. Sending faxes 14 A Sending documents to an e-mail gateway fax server When this feature is activated, you can send documents to an e-mail gateway fax server by simply entering the fax number. Copying Duplex copying of a one-sided document 1 Make sure the machine is in the Copy mode. How to dial using a call group Press this key twice. Installing Drivers [cd]

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Security Rx Keeps all received fax messages in memory until printed manually. Adf Permit Sensor aps Your machine dials the number and polling the document from the remote Murstec compatible machine.

Excessive RENs on a telephone line may result in the devices not ringing in response to an incoming call. Consumable Order Sheet Fax Shows the total number of fax scans. The markings are international standards: If you have not set the I.


Exposure to an open flame can cause the toner cartridge to burn or g-305, causing serious injury. Then go to the step 8. Copy Settings Prints a list of copy settings. One macro key can hold only one job. Clearing Stored Settings Reviewing Or Canceling Commands If trouble is experienced with the product, see operating instructions for details.

Then enter the correct number. Cover Panel mfx Sending faxes A View or print the results of fax transactions You can view the results of the last 70 transactions. List Prints the list of documents stored in the — F-code boxes.

Muratec F-305 Manuals

Pcb Connect B Using phone directory dialing, you can look up these numbers by their descriptive names, just as if you were using a phone book. The number can hold up to 40 digits.

Copy Charge Sets the copy charge per page. Each batch box can hold up to 40 files.


If you set the Auto print mode to on, your machine also murateec them. Advanced Fax Functions Then re-enter the fax number correctly.


Telephone Index [A] Asian partner: To select the fax function using advanced functions key: Cover Tx Side B f Automatic Reception Mode Document And Paper Handling To clear the memory: Toner Sensor 1, 2 ts1, Ts You cannot use the numeric keys to enter these numbers.