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I ran that to set the settings in amcap and used Windows Scheduler to launch amcap Prolink sucks for writing drivers they need to do something about their ACPI compatibility. The guy who sold me this said it supported tv out but when i installed it into my computer along with the software, there were no options in the software that. But my previous cards did not have near as much with these same sources. It did not really alter the color adjustments How true they are i dont know.

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Hi MediaPortal no support tv anywhere Plus? A, user, gfilit, from the MSI forum was ntwhere enough to send a email listing all these problems i have stated here and maybe more to the tech team in Taiwan or somewhere for use user’s nhwhere the MSI forum. With Professional and easy to use video editor software: This means that VFW applications like Virtual Dub cant cant be used for capture unless you use the VFW wrapper that limits capture to only half resolution and gives bad performance as well.

Quantitative measure of noise can be misleading because perception depends on randomness of noise.

For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. Media Center sees the tuner card and both Media Center and the TV Anywhere software provide great sound however all I get in both is a blank picture sreen. Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Downloads.


But that is just my opinion, I could be wrong. I actually about 2 months ago got ahold of a real live person that “officially” denied me any disclosure about the chip’s architect.

It does not suffer from the diagonal lines problem.

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I swear we had one of these a few weeks ago. May 24, Package Contents: I believe the “average” viewer would never notice any video noise unless you specifically instructed them to try to find some over a long period of viewing.

For capture formats, the winfast takes a huge lead for me. I’ll post pictures of the mod shortly. Originally posted by boiler11 My dad wants to capture home movies from vhs to nywhhere so he can burn them to DVD.

There has been very little discussion of the noise performance of the MSI card. Check out TV Anywhere channels here.

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Image still seems a bit grainy, but maybe it is just showing the lack of quality of my cable provider. All sources are checked manually by our specialsts, so downloading is fully secure.

Sign in to Windows 7,or 10, plus at least one of the following web browsers. Now, I’m not going to say that my cable in is perfect; in fact it is far from it. If you touch the preview pin or ksi any video what so ever while using it you will have to close it and reopen it.


Date, Most helpful, Positive. Don’t ask me why Do the following and enjoy your TV experience; 1.

MSI TV Anywhere Plus Tuner Card

I get about 20 vertical bands that vanish when I decrease, or increase color. In dark scenes the picture was blotchy. The guy who sold me this said it supported tv out but nyehere i installed it into my computer along with the software, there were no options in the software that.

And because your TV card uses a silicon tuner it’s a tuner in a chip. Like the Xcapture it exhibits the vertical chroma line problem, but the problem is less nywyere.

I was thinking about recomending this card for him, but then I realized that it doesn’t have audio input jacks on it. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.

Like some others here, I really don’t fool with mjpeg and such, and I don’t know the settings. For what it is worth, historgram test on my system: Now I’m on a 2.