Just that I heard recently of someone that needed to pull speaker cables out of the sound jack to get full function. The only time I get a significant signal is when there is a sound created by the computer itself to play through the speakers. It happens with audio and micro connected or only with micro connected? Home Help Search Login Register. The mix is connected to the pink audio jack on the motherboard, there are no case connections for audio. Have tried with other s micro?

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But i cant understand, i dont move my computer any inches, and i dont open its case either. I’m checking the different parts and i don’t know if leaving teh thermal pad will screw up my results in finding the problem.

Having hooked up the unit correctly there is very little volume to the sound input even when it is set to maximum. Home Help Search Login Register. If I move onto the next page and cause slund computer to create an error ding then the feedback between the Recording and Playback causes the level to build unti the volume on the Recording is set to minimum but the levels are still in the red.

Please login or register. The following error or errors occurred while this message: You tk4av not put the processor back without removing the old and putting on new grease.


Hard drives spin, video card works, usb ports work. I probably ought to try Gnoppix one day, but the majority of my bootable CD ktav are covered by the Linux BBC these days – which isn’t so hot on easy to use sound utilities!!

The following error or errors occurred while this message: A virus could make this i guess before i read this messages. Home Help Search Login Register.

Have tried with other s micro? Please take the motherboard out of the system when reseating your processor. It wasn’t your mobo and probably has nothing to do with your symtoms I think you did right in not buying anything till you have this solved.

MSI KT4AV-L – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KT400A

LOL how can that happen, cause i turned it on without the pad for like 10 ses, can it get hot and melt it self by then? Please login or register. What I meant by el.

Without the processor nothing will happen. As I said in my original post eek, just check I dont see why it shuldnt at least start to the bios screen or sumtin? The headphones and my setup has been confirmed on another motherboard which works fine am I allowed to say it is a Gigabyte one here?

This is even with nothing connected to the sound connectors on the back of the motherboard. Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions they’d be most welcome.


[VIA] KT4AV seemingly dead after installing new sound card!

Dr Stu on October, If the problem is solved, so be it. The only time I get a significant signal is when there is a sound created by the computer itself to play through the speakers.

I may try xound Linux one, but although I much prefer Linux it doesn’t give and exact comparison to the XP setup I’m working with. I assumed it was a power issue, most likely the PSU since I used surge protection – but that’s going off the issue!

KT4AV Sound problems

Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see the outcome – should prove whether it is hardware or software at least. I’m going tomorrow to check out my RAM and kh4av that is the problem or the cpu, will thermal pad have any factor in it?

It appeared to work for a minute or two and then the problem returned – which seemed very odd, but I presumed I’d been mistaken that things looked to be working OK! Hope there wasn’t el.

I was always a Gnome fan in the early days and I’ve found Morphix more hardware sounx. Could be a poor or bad connection.