MSI has plastered the palm rest with stickers. However, the limited viewing angles undo much of this good work, because even from a slight angle about half of the screen slips into greyish tones. For details simply mouse over the relevant value. Windows 7 Experience Index – Graphics. After around 10 to 20 minutes the screen goes black, audio goes loop over and over again the same.

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MSI GX640-i5447LW7P

And here is an Intel program that will run some tests on your CPU for you if you want. The good contrast ratio of They fixed the problem, changed the fan and heat removing system.

SPECviewperf 11 – Ensight x Once you start up a game, the noise increases to as loud To achieve this battery life, however, the most favourable conditions must be in place – a light workload Battery Eater Readers Testminimum screen brightness and maximum energy-saving options enabled.

For each model there is different bios.

Touchpad In contrast to the keyboard, the touchpad made a good impression on us. It ended up with a frame rate of only And why MSI is still using this keyboard jobility its models is a mystery; it is insultingly bad, even after a long time spent getting used to it. On the underside of the laptop it gets as warm as If you have option to give back to the seler it is good idea.


Although the GX has a nine-cell battery with a generous 85 Wh capacity, the notebook gives up the ghost after 2 and a half hours at most. Around a year ago I concluded after the warranty ends to improve a little the insides of my gx and all was great and I was very happy until two months ago.

But after around a week With DDR3 memory, however, the performance should drop noticeably because of the relatively narrow Bit memory bus. Ports For a inch notebook, the range of ports is unusually generous.

MSI GXiLW7P – External Reviews

Nevertheless, even with FullHD resolution, very high detail settings and 4 x AA, the graphics card can manage a quite reasonable The Core iM does have an automatic overclocking function Turbo Boost which moderately raises the processor speed when needed, to as high as 2.

Various status LEDs glowing contentedly. We couldn’t make out much bass, and sound disturbances quickly appeared at a high volume. Bad Company 2 This is of significance because the Radeon HD by design has to make do with a rather narrow memory bandwidth of G640.

Please, switch off ad blockers. Several buttons are quite slim. Directly after the start of the race, when there are lots of sports cars jostling on the screen, Shift is a little choppy in the FullHD resolution, with high detail settings and 4 x AA.


MSI GX640 Notebook ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5850 VGA Driver 8.690.0.0000

The notebokk case gives no indication of the powerful hardware inside. I have found that it has held up quite well for being 2 years old.

I wanted to wait till summer, but hell! My MSI is a usable computer but not a usable gaming PC I remind you this is gx and I will try to fix it by some more professional services unless I find a Ati Mobility Radeon HD somewhere in my country cheap or at least half decent price.

The case has its good points and its bad points. Atti it all too much for the modest inch case? The card was able to match, but the screws for heatsing were not fitting the screws in HD are a little bigger. Radeon HD 51 fps 2nd place: The surfaces are made of brushed aluminium.