Oh who am I kidding this can’t be a short article at all, I won’t have any sleep this week will I? This product has been fitted with a massive cooler, not just tha Built on TSMC’s 90 nanometer manufacturing process, the nVidia Geforce GT GPU does not generate too heat which means it can get away with a single slot heatsink that produces a moderate level of noise. That’s 6 cards as we want to show you some SLI tests also, right? I have built a PC back in july Hello everyone and welcome to another GeForce series 7 article.

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MSI NVIDIA Fanless 7900GT 256MB DDR3 PCI-E

Singapore Malaysia Philippines Indonesia. I didn’t expect anything from them and quite frankly did not have contact with them for a little while. Mainstream and higher end graphics cards support a whole range of output options from composite to component.

This product has been fitted with a massive cooler, gefoece just tha If you have lost count, here’s the summary of items found:.

MSI NX7900GT GeForce 7900 GT (PCI-E, 256MB)

All you can do is rely on Taiwan to help it seems and hope they are generous since there are no msi employees here to help pull strings. Therefore forgive me feforce you see geforec thing or two if applicable copied and pasted regarding the GTX stand-alone review and this particular jsi, in which we’ll cover the all new GeForce GT, GT and GTX products.

If the anecdotes that we noticed in hardware forums are any indication, this isn’t a unique situation. On Tuesday two days before the launch the entire new product line should be in our office. With this 7900gh mind, those of you who are thinking about building an entertainment computer, media PC, or home theatre PC had better plan your purchases wisely as HDCP compatible videocards are hard to come by.


If this doesnt work i think i gotta save for an GTS now which ill probably get in the summer: Before we find out if these extras do make the MSI a better product, here are its specifications:.


I have no other pc with PCI-e slot to test the graphics card on so that i can tell if its the g card or the pc. A friend’s Geforce4 Ti and a of another friend ended their life like this. I think Ivory is official msi distributor for Israel http: That’s why Microsoft, Intel, and Hollywood are pushing computer manufacturers hard to implement some sort of hardware-level encryption to prevent the transmission of non-encrypted high definition content. But i started to get strange texture spikes and tears in various games including Fear and WoW after 4 months.

So let’s count here.

MSI NXGT-T2DE – graphics card – GF GT – MB Overview – CNET

They told me they cant cover it with the warrenty and it should be sent back to the USA which sounds absolutely ridiculous. Before we find out if these extras do make the MSI a better product, here are its specifications: Hit the next page please where we’ll start up this extensive article.

Microsoft Windows Vista will natively incorporate HDCP support, so it’s wise to plan ahead at this stage in the game if movies are your passion. According to this articlethe high-end GeForce GTX and GT chips were quickly sold out at many major retailers within hours of release. But ya of coarse am not gonna tell them.


Essentially what this means for consumers is that we’ll all need to have HDCP compatible components player, TV, videocard, etc. My real problem is that a relative of mine sent me the G-card from the USA. I actually asked the retailer and he gave me a direct E-mail to a guy in Taiwan who is responsible for RMA, am crossing my fingers.

If anyone can help me in this issue and pull some strings around I would be very glad. The following error or errors occurred while this message: The way your vga died is quite tipical for nvidia geforxe.

Home Help Search Login Register. And the serial of the product should show that it is still under warranty.

About Us Employment Privacy Policy. That’s right, this card is not just a 3D gammer’s baby, it also plays nicely with High Definition hardware as well. Singapore Malaysia Philippines Indonesia. This is all well and good for media resolutions and display technologies, but the next generation high definition format on the horizon is going to require much more if certain companies get their way.