Did I pay a lot of money for a badge that doesn’t have bus of bits, a fraud of MSI it is or not?. In the last version of the program Aida32 v3. Here are the links: Hope not, ’cause i really enjoy MSI products. The last program PowerStrip v3. Btw, if it’s really under specs, may i send it to MSI so they can fix it??

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FXT memory interface 64bits or ??

Hello, I have run the last version of the program RivaTuner v2. Here are the links: Custom Computers of Naples, Inc. MSI user manual say diferent, this say bits, what happened??? Nvidia specifications for FX I installed and it worked perfectly, so I was very happy. This is the full size card: It shows it that the video card has an memory interface of 64bits!!!.

I only buyed this card for the bits memory bandwidth, but when I run Rivatuner 2. So I got very confused, and visited MSI site, and it was writtent that the board is bits!


Edited for questionable content by GV suker. Also, comparing specs with what programs like Everest, Riva Tuner and Sandra says, i noticed the board was supposed to use the “0.

Recently, i bought this board and I thought it was a great deal. I don’t know beacuse MSI products always worked really fine for me, i never had a problem.

Hope not, ’cause i really enjoy MSI products. Too late now though.

I’m feeling i’ve been fooled by msi. Please login or register.

Or all the boards are bits and both the manual and the website are showing incorrect information? Curien, say goodbye to your priveledges in the MSI forums. Edited for content by GV. I am quite confused. Please login or register. In the last version of the program Aida32 v3.

MSI FX5500-T128 graphics card – GF FX 5500 – 128 MB

This ones closed too. Well, it should be a fx, that’s what msi says both in the box and in the manual. The best thing would probably be to get a Radeon pro with bit now they are also available with bitbut that’s getting expensive.


So, I came here to ask for help: Well, if my board is really under specifications, i’ll try to take it to the vendor tomorrow, may i can exchange it dor another one which works well. The last program PowerStrip v3.

Support For FXT | Graphics card – The world leader in display performance | MSI USA

Home Help Search Login Register. When i asked about the FX Ultra version they said it does not exist anymore or perhaps its not a sellign item. You should have read through what you are getting first [ see thread ].

I live in Brazi, and in the webpage it’s written: FXT memory interface 64bits or ??