On this page I have an “unpacked” Windows 3. Where can I find them? ZIP 10K Renames files give per pipe to the current date; e. My main question is, I have a folder called games, how do I get to see it to play my games in there? It shows error “Application Execution Error” with message “One of the library files needed to run this application is damaged.

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USB Mouse on MS-DOS Virtual Machine – Microsoft Community

Where can I find them? EXE Visual Basic 4. Vista, hands down, but this old stuff is a kick to fool with. Thanks in advance claude. Ahmed hamdy posted on July 26, Persian Rock Star posted on September 20, To open any basic zipped or compressed file even some executablesdownload 7ZIP – http: If anybody’s looking for software to load up on this for the full effect we have a large library of this over at WinWorld.


How to get the mouse to work in MS-DOS

I just tested it in VirtualBox 4. I successfully installed cd drivers before, but when I try to do it again now, it miuse “No drives found, aborting installation” and lower down “Device driver not found: Lee posted on July 27, Windows is much better now than it ever has been.

I know this is a late comment but thanks for the Win3.

EXE that is supposed to be a plug-in for Netscape. Mark Lammas posted on July 20, Guest posted on August 6, And by the way, cool website. I want to install me-dos 6.

Yeah, I tried selecting one of the color options and it was configured succesfully, but when I rebooted the colors were all jumbled up. Johan posted on October 1, Hayden Jones posted on April 19, ZIP reads and writes 1: Posted on Saturday, Sep 03 Thank you very much I have this in floppy but don’t have floppy drive any more this is great help.

Check out my ideea here Hi thanks a lot for software offered they help me remake my old travel Texas available regards.


Letterio Orazio rossi posted on March 20, Gene posted on February 15, Dos to me that does not fit on a floppy disk. Noah kirsle posted on October 18, Kirsle this a great download brother, I been looking for this a long time and I finally found it on your page, I try it on virtual box and it work perfect, it remind me the good old days. Michael Rowe posted on July 15, These are very much appreciated.

I got ahold of this version of Windows 3. I am an engineer and have an instrument which connected to a computer. I’ve also tried to create one from scratch. Mous the best download I ever found in the net.