It also gives you those funny errors like this:. You did a great job! Stefanos posted on August 13, Thanx for this I hace images of all tthe previous versions but the DoS files were on a CD thatgot brokken my history is now compete. Kluunsoft posted on April 23, Can you build a home monitoring system for the production of micro server for streaming video from the home of analog cameras and IP, replacing software router, or build your own from a USB stick wi-fi or micro sd wi-fi possible conversion to autobot html.

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If you’re installing Win3. Mousy jouse on September 24, I got ahold of this version of Windows 3. Thank you in advance. Please reinstall the application.

USB Mouse on MS-DOS Virtual Machine – Microsoft Community

I am 60 years old. I would like to thank you for providing this – you have made my old computer projects possible. Dos to me that does not fit on a floppy disk.

Michael posted on May 13, I go back to 3. We used this OS from around here in North-Norway- all of us: Doceave posted on February 10, I have my old floppies in a frame on the wall no way to install them.


Mouse in MS-DOS 6.22 (and Windows 3.11)

MichaelD posted msos March 27, I think it’s really cool to get some the old 90’s stuff running again on modern hardware. BlackMetalWar posted on February 16, VirtualBox just keeps crashing every time.

I am an engineer and have an instrument which connected to a computer. I successfully installed cd drivers before, but when I try to do it again now, it says “No drives found, aborting installation” and lower down “Device driver not found: OK, so I fixed both the display driver issue and the CD driver issue, but now, when I have finally installed the game Mouae doing mxdos this for, I get a prompt that says “System Error Cannot read from drive D.

Thank Thanks and Thanks again.

USB Mouse on MS-DOS 6.22 Virtual Machine

Its good you got it here for download. Hi Kirsle, Thanks for your reply.

Mcsauce posted on July 24, The operating systems here are distributed as floppy disk image files with an. That’s like asking why anyone would ever want to own a NES anymore because the newer systems are so much ‘better’ FiggyCity posted on September 14, Kluunsoft posted on April 23, That worked like a charm.


It seems like a terribly unstable product In addition, we invite programmers interested in working on the DOS kernel, drivers and software.


Michael posted on May 18, EXE Visual Basic 4. Max posted on Medos 17, If your CD drive doesn’t show up, make sure you installed the driver I included in the original post.

These are very much appreciated. During the install, it prompts you to insert the next diskette s.