Sign up using Facebook. Echo Off And the second line this: When an object of such a type is included in a record type it is aligned at an offset divisible by four with filler bytes inserted as needed to effect the alignment. Ping is NOT an acronym! Discriminant records are used when a record may have any one of several different descriptions, depending upon the value in a specified field called the discriminant. Many, if no most of them do. After initialization, the session tasks call the scheduler and are queued to be assigned to client calls in a fifo basis.

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This flag will have a value of 0 unless the record object is constrained.

EXE file from Microsoft linked above to the root directory of drive C:. Here are the basic instructions: The restriction that the discriminant field must be the first component of the record imposed by some Ada mscdx, can often be worked around easily through judicious type declarations.

Microsoft DOS mscdex command

Meridian Ada introduces a further complication for discriminant records whose discriminant may change during the execution of the program by preceding the discriminant with a constrained flag byte. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website mecdex subject to these policies.


Alignment holes occur mscvex space is inserted between the components of a record to satisfy alignment requirements of the individual components. The drive is being powered correctly; it opens and closes as it should.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Echo Off And msddex second line this: Forum Windows Operating Systems Windows 3. MainTech InfoGlossary. This makes it difficult to match externally defined records which ignore the alignment constraints.

If you have problems with any type of errors having to do with “not enough drives” you will need to add a statement to the config. NCI” is specific to a particular drive. ADS cdd A copyright-reserved, free use program.

Search productsSearch FAQs. According to my documentation, for drivers which support more than one drive, the drive letter will indicate the first unit and each successive unit will be assigned the next-higher driver letter.


The compiler switch, -Kwas used to retain the internal form information needed for optimization in the link step and the switch, -fsused to turn off runtime checks. Sign up using Email and Password. DW; end record; type rhXs Command: Make sure yours matches and then close Notepad. After initialization, the session tasks call the scheduler and are queued to be assigned to client calls in a fifo basis.

BX registers pointing to the request header.

Multiple copies of the client can be loaded for simultaneous access to multiple servers. Type bytes can then be used to declare multibyte fields without introducing alignment holes. The Server Side The server is implemented as a group of non-preemptive tasks, as shown in Figure 1.


Though upon checking the floppy disk director, it seemed like it could read it most of the time. Is it possible for me to copy the executable to the hard drive of the Compaq and reboot, hoping it will be recognized by the system so that I can continue to install the new CD-ROM?

Another common problem is the failure of many programs to fill in the msdcex information correctly. Only cooked-data read mode is supported. The device header is an extension of the normal character device header; see Figure 2.

A discriminant record is used for the internal representation mscedx the externally generated device-driver request header. But the rest of your answer was helpful, so I didn’t. Not that I’m accusing you of any wrongdoing– it’s just that I’m sure you’d hesitate to accept a file from a stranger, especially when they offer it so openly.

I have found the correct driver http: I am going to go another direction.