A horizontal extensometer assembly can be mounted on He specimen to measure horizontal deformation. These metal plates are connected by steel rods through He bottom. Therefore, two sets of tests had to be performed to evaluate these measurement systems wig the SHRP device. This fixture can be easily used in many standard environmental chambers without modifications. Two slots are provided in each side wall of He lower platen to help mount the extensometers on to the specimen. This device uses a fixed bottom loading strip with an independent loading strip that is placed on the top of the specimen. Taking the ratio of vertical and horizontal deformation, is determined as follows:

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It is small and simple enough to be used in many small environmental chambers.

Agenda and minutes

Holes are drilled in these columns so that the deformations can be obtained by use of EVDTs mounted through them. Next, uniformly mix the epoxy on a glass plate or other suitable surface. Use a flashlight, if required, to make sure that the axes match with the center lines on He legs. It only applies for a gage length to diameter ratio of I: Lines are etched on He inside of the support legs which should coincide with the marked diametral axes.

Apply the epoxy at the gluing surfaces on the mounting blocks, and then carefully align the alignment device such that the lines marked on the support legs match the diametral axes. By aligning one or maybe two legs, all the four legs should be in position. Also, there is a tendency for the upper loading strip to move during testing.


Different gage lengths along the two axes – – The following equations were derived for the analysis of tests on 4 in.

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The specimen can be rocked in the lower platen to make sure that it has full contact with the extensometer assembly and hence ascertaining the longitudinal alignment of the specimen with the loading strips Figure And.

Declarations of Interests by Members in items on the Agenda for this meeting. This device uses a fixed bottom loading strip with an independent loading strip that is placed on the top of the specimen.

Deflections in the horizontal diametral plane were measured using both mountable and stand-alone measurement devices extensometers and EVDTs. The Baladi device used in this study was supplied 6533 the Gilson Company, Inc. For example, the equations derived for a 1 in. The horizontal lines are precision-etched so A-8 Cl c: Appendix 1 – Section 13 valuations Augustitem J Once Me center is determined for both faces, cradle Me specimen correctly between Me rods wig Me plates as close to Me specimen as possible.

Now, tighten the support legs in position.

Position the alignment device, with He four support legs loosely slid over the ends, on the specimen such Hat the lines marked on the four legs match the diametral axes. The holders are movable by a fine screw adjustment that makes it very easy to zero the EVDTs prior to testing.


Looking for other ways to read this? This ensures that the mounting blocks, when glued, are perpendicular to the surface of the specimen.

These were fixed to the base of the side walls of the lower platens with a rotating arm on the top which held the EVDTs. Multi-Lab Validation Study — I: Otherwise, the values of pr and mr were calculatM from the total recoverable deformation. Edited Fund and Accounts draftitem Mount the extensometer assembly on the specimen taking care that it does not touch the mounted EVDT. For Me purpose of this analysis, horizontal tensile deformation is considered positive, while vertical compressive deformation is considered negative.

The assembly consists of two extensometers held by springs against He sides of the specimen. This device can only be loaded from the top. He stated that she would not have any direct involvement with the Kent Superannuation Fund’s investments.

Unfortunately, this book can’t be printed from the OpenBook. Fund Structure View the reasons why item