Still later, Roland would get rid of the breakout box completely and put all connectors on the back of the interface card itself. It was the wires! I have an Atari that works, but I have no software for it. For this setup, the following “interface kits” were made:. Hmmm, I did have to use different wires to connect my GBA to my sound card. Again, the sound is fine the SysEx works, too — only it’s quite muffled.

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The sound was just fine. I currently possess a Game Blaster complete in box with all manuals, and while that is an exceptionally rare card, it is not what I consider the highlight of my collection. Drivers My SB Live! The rest is pretty much default. The hack on the Quest Studios site was a simple one that affected users going to the main site, not the forum, through Google.

The schematic is here: Jazz Chorus Micro Cube. Buffer Overflow This happens after the “Insert Buckazoid” message and before the intro sound starts. Driver is listed in Device Manager as: I’ve opened it to see what the ROM is labeled, and it has a single “7” highlighted. Try adjusting it after the game starts. Lucas, you should have the last ROM version, 1. I have an Atari that works, but I have no software for it.


If you have that jack sinxp does not produce line level. You can find the schematic for the rolane card here: So what is the problem?

I’m thinking that may mean version. I also have had lots of PC compatible cards and components. Anyway, here’s my setup: I have one for sale on EBay complete with processing unit and interface – even has boxes and manuals http: Need help with MT on windows xp General information and assistance with Munt.

It also looks like it only happens the first time for each DOSBox session though the sound continues to be muted.

Roland MPU () + MIF-IPC-A () 2 out / 32 channel

If you’re interested, read on. Views Read Edit View history. It looks like you’ve a setup very similar to mine.

Well, since my GameBoy worked, I “knew” it wasn’t the sound card. I’m wondering if we could compare notes. This is still a very useful resource when considering buying an mpu Hardware — seemed fine. I am not sure about this, but looks like there are versions of MT with and without the headphone jack mine is without.


Well, it’s all working good now. So, after taking another look at my list, I wondered what I could check next.

Not too much I can or, at least, want to do about that. I “updated” my SB Live!

Roland Sound Card Drivers Download

The card could be broken of course. This site hosts no abandonware. Water flows down the stream How to ask questions the smart way!