Bedding can be paper, wood shaving, wood chips or corncob. Signs of pain in the mouse. If you accidentally enter the bladder or intestines withdraw and discard the needle and syringe. Maternal antibody is transferred to the fetus in utero and to the newborn via colostrum. Mouse hepatitis virus causes a wasting disease and high mortality in immunocompromised animals. There is conjunctivitis, hair loss, as well as swelling of the liver, spleen and lymph nodes. The young are born incompletely developed altricius.

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Tail It may be necessary to warm the tail by exposing it briefly to a heat lamp or placing it in a bowl of warm water.

AOpen O 35G – mouse Series

Once the desired position is attained, inject the material and withdraw the syringe. Anorexia no fecal pellets. Lack of resistance to the injection is indicative that you are in the right location.

Drugs can be administered in water, in jello, as oral drops, by gavage or injected. It is good practice to use a new needle each time you perform an injection. Mice should be handled at the base of the tail using your fingers or with forceps.

This stretches the skin making it easier to shave and immobilizes the saphenous vein. Additional Sources of Information. Intravenous injections Intravenous injections are usually made into the dorsal tail vein.


Introduce the moise in the space between the left incisors and molars, and gently direct it caudally toward the right ramus of the mandible. Restrain and extend the hind leg applying gentle downward pressure above the knee joint. The following volumes can be injected into mice safely based on 25 g mouse: Pregnancy lasts days.

Species Specific Information: Mouse

Mouwe of cervical dislocation or decapitation in absence of deep anesthesia must be scientifically justified. Identification Mice should always be clearly identified on cage cards indicating protocol number, strain, sex, age, supplier, investigator and contact person. Sexing Sex is determined using the anogenital distance.

Following injection, the animal was sacrificed and the true localization of the injected ink was compared to the expected location of the injection.

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Approach the vessel at a shallow angle using a fine gauge needle attached to a small syringe. Later in the 19th and 20th century they were bred for their coat color, and subsequently characterized genetically. Ectromelia causes high mortality and drastic measures including depopulation are usually taken to eliminate the disease.

Blood should flow freely, if, the tube is properly inserted. Weanlings are important in maintaining the disease in a colony. Drugs administered in water may be broken down in water, or insufficient quantities may be taken due to poor solubility in water or palatability problems.


A fine gauge needle introduced through the skin at a shallow angle can be used to withdraw blood from the tail vein. Our aim is to develop a stereotactic approach to reproducibly apply agents to the trigeminal ganglia that can modulate corneal neurobiology.

The young are born incompletely developed altricius. This keeps the cage dry and reduces build up of ammonia and carbon dioxide. The ophthalmic branch of the trigeminal ganglion supplies sensory nerves to the cornea. Microisolator tops provide even a higher level of protection than bonnet type filter tops, since they seal better. Create an Account or Subscribe Now. If the animal struggles or appears to be in respiratory difficulty withdraw the tube and begin all over again.

Maternal antibody is transferred to the fetus in utero and to the newborn via colostrum. Materials to be administered to mice can be given orally e. Normative Values for Mice.