Windows will ask you to install the drivers once the phone is plugged in, so just point it to the right directory where you unpacked them. There are several versions of the V3 with a letter after it like c, m, r, t, and v. These free programs can be found on this page: Now this screen appeared. There is no preview for this item! Finally we are done installing drivers and P2K Tools started and recognized my phone. Click here to download these programs.

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This program is another file manager, can upload Java programs and skins, but most importantly, it offers one of only a few ways to auto reset all ring details to silent so that access to the ring details menu can be restored. Now this screen appeared.

Downloads page – Hack the V3: Downloadable files and programs for the Motorola V3

Master list of all discovered seems and what they control. By the way, I use the terms operator, carrier, network and service provider interchangeably.

RSD Lite will also flash and flex your phone. To use it, simply connect the V3 to the data cable and launch the downgrader program. Download the “Motorola P2K Drivers version 2.

It is low level software telling the phone what is what and where to find what it needs to operate. Disclaimer October the 8th of Downloads section If you are looking for any media files cl.


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Doing this kind of work and using v3rw various modding programs drains the battery quickly when it’s connected to a computer via the data cable. Click here to download this program. These programs are used to flash and flex phones. It will give you a thorough status report as it determines your software and downgrades the bootloader one version at a time.

Motorola P2k Drivers version 2. They used to last 7 days. I’ve done everything in this site that P2kk written about so I know that everything works. It also contains essential drivers for other programs. Cincinnati Bell Wireless U. Here’s their home page.

Unlock Motorola V3 RAZR and go to the Moon!

It can also backup your PDS and your bootloader. So if you just skip ahead and have no modding experience a crucial step or five may be “missing” as far as the reader is concerned. By clicking on one of the radio buttons you’ll be able to select from four of the biggest and most active Motorola modding forums around: This program removes the date and clock and operator text display jotorola the main screen. If you are not familiar with electronics, do not attempt mmotorola repair! Also some files are djvu so you need djvu viewer to open them.


I think I’ve delivered that detail in spades here. I’m a former military guy and the motto “attention to detail” was a way of life for me when I served. It can also backup your PDS and your bootloader. It can also flash files you create back to another phone.

Back up your V3’s files both your personal files and the system files before you modify them in case you later have a problem. Has too many features to list, but is used for p2m a continuous backlight mode to show off the outer LCD screen on the V3.

You can find motorols cable here. Everything else found on this site as a download is on this page. At this point make sure your phone is not connected to the computer via the data cable. Program installation notes These instructions are written from the standpoint of never having any Motorola phone software installed on your computer.