Press A under Read. If an entry has a picture assigned and you want the entry to have no picture, select [No Picture] or press A under Unassign. You can access these saved pictures and videos through the media center. Enjoy audible and visual turn-by-turn driving directions to any address, anywhere on Nextel’s Nationwide Network. Hold the remote PTT button for more than 2 seconds to end calls. Protect the bottom accessory connector from dust and debris with the attached cover.

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Memory Card Features The Memory Card menu controls how media items are stored and lets you remove and format the memory card: Making Calls Your i phone makes two types of calls: Setting a Find Me Duration You can change how long your phone remains discoverable to other devices.

Colors – Shows the number of colors that the additional display supports 65 To see the full specifications with in-depth details click here. This manual also for: Whether you need turn-by-turn driving directions or a smarter way to manage your mobile travel needs, Global Positioning Satellite GPS solutions can help get it done. You can access these saved pictures and videos through the media center. Camera Camera The camera in your i phone takes pictures and records videos.

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When powering on, if you hold p until a blue screen appears on the display, you will turn off calls and other transmissions. Press the buttons on the sides of the motorla.


Temporary Profiles Profiles When you do this, your phone either: You can set wallpaper to appear on the idle screen only or on screens throughout your phone. Dial or other local emergency number in the case of fire, traffic accident or medical emergencies. You can also set the PTT button backlight to light up and flash using this option: Datebook To view an event: You can use your i phone to send Contacts entries, Datebook events, or audio files, pictures, and videos in the media center to another Bluetooth device.

Voice Records A voice record is a recording you make with your phone and can play back. This option is available from motoroka context-sensitive menus when you are using MMS. You may be asked to go to a web site or call a customer care number.

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This displays the following information about the last time your location was calculated: Select Repeat Events to delete all occurrences of the event.

Shortcuts Shortcuts lets you access most menu options by pressing a number on your keypad 1 through 9 or saying the voice name of the shortcut. Say the voice name into your phone. Using A Headset Using a Headset If you use a headset or similar device with your phone, you can set your phone to send incoming sound to the headset only, or to the headset and the speaker at the same time: Access the last twenty sent and received calls for quick call return or number storage.


Text you enter appears before your signature. You can store events over a 13 month period — 12 months after and 1 month before the current date. Accessing the Media Center You can access the media center from the camera at any time, except when you are using the The member of the SDG list who is speaking.

Motorola Nextel I880 IDEN/GSM Un-locked (SILVER)

Zoom The Zoom option lets you choose a closer view. Capacity – The bigger, the better!

Page Index queue 31 receiving 31 responding 31, 32 sending 31 sorting 32 viewing 32 Call filtering Call forwarding 53 all calls 53 missed calls 54 off 53 Call Timers 58 Call Waiting 55 off 55 Calls 3-way 56 answering automatically answering with any key 21, emergency 24 ending Lets you view your approximate location and when making calls helps emergency personnel to locate you if your phone has adequate access to GPS satellite signal and the emergency response center is equipped to process such signals.

A list of calls containing Private IDs that are able to receive Datebook events appears.

Do not let these features distract you from driving.