MOONS’ stepper motors and motion control products are widely applied in many innovative applications, including: This will dramatically reduce the shaft stress, and increases the life of the bearings. The shaft of a stepper motor rotates in discrete step increments when electrical command pulses are applied to it in the proper sequence. The length of rotation is proportional to the number of pulses as well as the speed is proportional to the pulse frequency. Step motor life is usually determined by the life of the bearings.

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Some stepper motors are able to move in very small increments. This limits how quickly the load can be accelerated.

Brake type steppers are wildly used in vertical axis application. To meet the most demanding applicatons.

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The shaft of a stepper motor rotates in discrete step increments when electrical command pulses are applied to it in the proper sequence. This often eliminates the need for speed reduction gearboxes, reduces costs and saves space. Basic Type A basic model that is easy to use and designed with a balanced set of functions and characteristics.

Working frequency point express the stepping motors rotational speed versus the drive pulse rate. A command with onepulse causes the motor sttepper shaft to turn by one step.

We always work with you together to get your creative ideas or innovative products to go to market as fast as possible. The shaft radial load limit and bearing load ratings are highly dependent on the the distance from the mounting face where the load is applied.


Small torque fluctuations, smooth running, suitable for the pursuit of quiet and smooth running applications. HB motors come in different types including the basic typeencoder type, IP65 typeIntegrated type with drive and controllerbrake type and geared type.

As current is reversed in each phase in sequence, the motor continues to step in the desired direction.

Stepper Motors

These steps are very accurate. This requires a drive with eight electronic switches.

With MOONS’ advanced stepper drive technology, each stepper motor can be operated under various control modes. For example, in a 1. In lift and similar applications, an electromagnetic brake type motor is required. The availability of all options can also be combined together as the most optimize and compact motion control unit, for example, MOONS’ can offer encoder and geared type, IP65 integrated with drive, controller and encoder, all combinations are avalible per request.

Stepper Drives – AC/DC Microstep Drives – MOONS’

Double 85 Single A common cause for shaft and bearing failure, are high radial loads that are created when a pulley is attached to the motor shaft at a large distance from the motor mounting face, and the belt has high tension. Compared to hybrid stepper motors, can stack stepper motors have a simpler design. If the current in the other phase had been reversed, the motor would move 1 step 1.

The motor’s position can then be commanded to move and hold at one of these steps without any position sensor for feedback an open-loop controlleras long as the motor is carefully sized to the application in respect to torque and speed.


Typically, step angles for a hybrid stepper motor range from to steps per revolution. Integrated Type with Drive and Controller IP65 type stepper motors with the feature of dust proof and resistant to low pressure water jets, are ideal for applications in wet factory environments such as the food and beverage industry or outdoor use.

IP65 specifies a product that is dust tight no ingress of dust; complete protection against contact and protected against water jets water projected by a nozzle from any direction shall have no harmful effects. HB Stepper motors are the easiest devices for precise positioning control. Most motors can also be provided with larger bearings shafts and custom construction. Because the speed is very precise and easy to control, step motors are often used where coordinated motion control mopns needed.

Skip to content Skip sgepper navigation menu. The maximum torque the motor can hold in place with rated DC current, is the rated holding torque. This means that the motor can be held at a stopped position without using a mechanical brake. Rules of thumb and best practices for using and installing step motors. This will dramatically reduce the shaft stress, and increases the life of the bearings.