The status code should be checked and the driver should remain silent UNLESS some really unexpected status code comes up. Needed compiling latest gspca driver. Last month it recognized the camera, but test screen was black – this month it works. Video works out of the box. Trying format 0x BGR4:

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When trying to patch and compile the source, it ,ifecam to work sometimes for a few minutes, after some persistence of plugging and unplugging the webcam from the usb connector. However, having a non-success for this operation is perfectly fine. In some cases this may mean installing a different graphics card. When I press record on the app my webcam turns on but when I speak into it or clap in front of it and replay I don’t get anything.

Grab the userspace tools.

Skype and Web Cameras

The built-in microphone doesn’t work, although it is seen by ALSA. Labtec webcam Logitech Webcam Pro for Business Detected out of the box, but works badly. Remember that Skype cannot access a camera video stream if another program like Cheese or guvcview is already viewing it.


So I checked the camera with xawtv and viewing image with these messages: Works out of the box with Cheese and Skype, x max.

Tested with Skype 2. Works perfectly out of microsoct box, but only at x in Skype, x in VLC I can’t get close to the advertised x with any of the linux drivers.

Getting Microsoft LifeCam Cinema working in Ubuntu – Microsoft Community

If you use Cairo-dock, you are probably using the OpenGL version. Cam Notebook Pro [] 8. Vid button the sound check in the Audio tab turns off and I’m left with a video but no audio at all. Sonix Integrated Webcam Microdia. If I I try to set the webcam as the source of sound in audacity, there is a delay of a count of 20 or so before it acknowledges that it is set up, and another long delay of many seconds before anything actually is recorded when I press record.

Well disabling “snd-usb-audio” is not really a solution, one needs the mic to work when on a video call. Since Cheese didn’t work out for me I thought that I would try and see if my webcam would work on GuvcView and it does work much better.


Did not manage to do the selection via kde settings. Logitech Quickcam for Notebooks 7.

Video works out of the box. Please visit this page to clear all LQ-related cookies. Install the old Medibuntu skype packages, see this forum: Microphone may suffer from “clicking sound” issue see https: Microsoft LifeCam NX 7.

This is the same with Ekiga. Works out of the box Skype Version 2. Testing the video under the Skype Preferences fails; but 4. See page 67 in http: You have to re-watch it once, which Audio device for recording.

Resolution, brightness, contrast, and Co, white balance, auto focus and Much moreā€¦. System does not recognize webcam automatically, but after manual loading driver modprobe uvcvideo it works well. Works out-of-the-box with Skype 2.

Had to invoke from terminal with following command note that package libv4l1 must be installed: