It can also protect PDF documents for use on Windows. The protected software has not been locked to a dongle. The dongle detected is not of the expected model. We offer two different types of dongles: There are various reasons why your protected program may give error 50 Relevant Version:

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Timeout – protection check took too long. Trying to add a new program to the dongle program list, but this program already exists. A Product Code is a string that identifies one product from another. The Operating System detected is not supported. Please check access rights to this directory and all subdire Error deleting file in DinkeyNet path.

Look Up Error Number: The Update Code wants to modify network users but the target dongle is not a network dongle. Error version 7.

Error Error terminating a network user. We are not able to support you directly.


What if I need to send out an update to my program? Trying to add a licence that already exists in the dongle. Error This error occurs when we cannot determine which drive letter is associated with the Dinkey FD dongle attached to your machine. Error writing to file in DinkeyNet path.

This means it is not possible to emulate the hardware dongle. To solve this problem pl This error can occur under the following circum The OS has detected the dongle but there was an error communicating with the dongle.

This is most likely to be caused by a bug in the protection module – upgra Error getting the Windows mixrocosm directory.

The most likely cause is that the customer has already updated Please note that mcrocosm will not be able to place orders or receive technical support by phone on the following dates:. This is not allowed. A valid Software Key has been found, but it has expired. This applies to a DinkeyNet dongle.


Error Program giving error: Note that the dongle data area is set to the For speed reasons we limit this to bytes. Depending dngle the sub error you are getitng, this error can mean any of the following. Cannot read file containing update code.

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Error accessing the dongle. There is currently not enough free memory for your protected program to run Shell method only. You mmicrocosm set the size field in the DRIS to Please contact Microcosm with the extended error code DDLook can give this information if your pr The clock has been tampered with either put forwards or put backwards.