It is in all their contracts,the big names, that if they find something that works better, they can use it. If you test it, I recommend that you set it at least 1 degree higher to produce a similar ball flight. Mickelson has had the 3Deep in the bag ever since, hitting it long enough to play it as his driver for his wins at the Scottish Open and the British Open. Taking one look at the photo tells you what is really wrong — he swings too far and over the line. Give the man a break!!! If I can drive it like I did and with the ease with which I did and the misses be where they were, then this could be a really big deal for me.

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Mickelson and SLDR

What is next Callaway? Just a good club and he wants to use it, plain and simple. How Callaway signed up Phil was very controversial. It was over a big gambling debt Phil ran up. Both make good stuff but the great player in Phil chooses Tm and must wait for Callaway to play catch up. Don’t miss the latest news, exclusive offers and sweepstakes. Ethically, Mickelson is a Callaway team member. Other than die hard forum and golf fans who will bicker about his driver, nobody will notice its a SLDR.


Phil Mickelson TaylorMade SLDR

He obviously could be playing a volkey wedge or mizuno blades or prov1 if it he felt they were better and apparently he would. TM has flooded the market with slower moving equipment than anytime in the past few years.

All done pretty terribly.

Really is the media that gullible and for that matter the buying public?? Callaway got wind of it. He can try smoothing it over on Twitter or attempt to sweep it under the rug and hope it goes away.

The Finals 25; Priority Ranking. Clearly people can make assumptions on why the choice was slvr, but that is only known by the people privy to their conversations.

But the relationship is mutually beneficial. Mickelson is as loyal as a dog in rut. I guarantee the bad paint jobs are exactly for the reason of attempting to conseal his use of a non-Callaway club.

Plenty of different clubs get a mention, and some of our older members also offer their advice on how to solve the slvr of decreasing length.

Snedeker and Kuchar using prototype ball.

Mickelson gushes about new driver

Shawn Oct 4, at 2: This site uses Ssldr to reduce spam. By Golf Channel Digital December 28, at 6: Callaway has a similar driver and this website had a picture of the prototype recently. Our 3 deep basically sold out because this guy winning the Brittish Open without a driver and every weekend warrior that struggles with driver wants it.


Without callaway Slcr is still all-world. Phil has and always will be able to tinker with whatever clubs he chooses and Callaway will continue to respect that. Equipment 2 weeks ago.

Mickelson using TaylorMade SLDR driver

Yes on the face of it this looks like bad Mickeelson, Callaway playing catch up again. Maybe Callaway forgot to send their truck? Chris Pretorius Oct 7, at 5: The companies simply target a different type of golfer every year so they can claim an increase in yards year by year.

For those unaccustomed with equipment sales the driver category is the needle mover. Nice post Have a great Autumn. One of my students sold his R1 to buy it as soon as it came out and has lost around 15yards; and both of aldr other two pros at my club, both of whom have staff deals mickkelson Taylormade I did not switch to TM when I came aboard have stuck with their R1 instead of bagging the SLDR.

If you really feel like this is the best way for you to compete and win, then go for it!