EXE appears after installing the printer driver and I cannot print. What should I do? Contact Us Product Registration. How does the information on this page help you? Can I print using only the black ink cartridge when the Color cartridges have run out?

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Windows 7 Support Information. ZIP is on the icon and. If you cannot find the scanner icon, the scanner driver is not installed.

FAQs & Troubleshooting

The network scanning feature does not work in the network shared environment. A folder titled “New Folder” will appear on your Desktop. Go to the Downloads section and download and install the latest scanner driver. To access the Scanner and Camera wizard, complete the following steps:.

Scan a document from a Windows Vista application | Brother

To resolve this issue, please update the program of the installed driver following the instructions below:. I’m using Windows Vista or Windows 7 and trying to use a Brother machine connected to the network, but the machine stays offline and I cannot print.


I’m using Windows XP. When I print from PowerPoint using the 2 in 1 feature, some of the borders around the document are not printed or lines are printed that shouldn’t be there. Go to the Contact Us section.

Please make sure you input the keyword correctly. Contact Us Product Registration Visit www. Go to the Manuals section. The PaperPort Installer doesn’t respond. What can Mffc-425cn do? EXE ” to extract the file.

What should I do? EXE appears after installing the printer driver and I cannot print. Very helpful Helpful Not helpful. Contact Us Product Registration.

Contact Us Product Registration. Then, click SAVE to save the driver in the directory.

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The Error message “A file required cannot be found. I’m using Windows Vista.

Have you checked the manuals? Do you restart your computer now? Once the download is complete, “Download complete” may appear.

I’m using Windows Vista. For Mac OS X I can print mffc-425cn a Macintosh, but not from a Windows PC. There are two printer icons with a same product name in the “Printers” section. This will begin the download of the driver. If your question was not answered, have you checked other FAQs?