Also, I have installed a intake air temperature sensor, so I changed my megasquirt settings from coolant temperature sensor to air temperature sensor. Can I buy an assembled unit? Here are two TBI injectors. Of course, if you source your resistor pack from a scrap yard, or if your vehicle already has them, this is cheaper! You can leave the accumulator in place since it does not affect the running volume or pressure, and on used pumps they are often rusted so you might not want to mess with it.

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A leaking fuel hose can start a very dangerous fire in your car, so make sure hose assemblies are routed properly to reduce the chance of any abrasion damage.

Lol I am still waiting on data for IDs. Solder the transistor leads in place. Find More Posts by Twodoor.

Removing components is easiest if you cut the leads, then remove each lead separately. OEMs usually place pump inside the fuel tank. Nobody needs a 50 psi gasoline fed fire to ruin their day!

The heat sink is design to attach to the FlyBack board by the four transistor mounting holes.


MegaSquirt Injectors and Fuel System FAQs

The circuit will most often fail after some time spend at high speeds and loads, rather than immediately when you start the engine for the first time.

However, when the car runs it is very rich. What do the version numbers mean?

Now i kinda want IDs just so i can use this data. Here is an example of a low impedance injector’s pulse voltage, current, and fuel flow: Apply megqsquirt sink compound between the case and heat sink. Use injector resistors or flyback board. You can also bend it over a V-belt pulley, in some cases. PN gets a set of 8. So you could connect injector control to pin 7 and injector control to pin 5.

Injectors and Fuel Supply

DO NOT use a universal carburetor filter – the higher pressure of fuel injection systems may cause it to burst! I checked the injectors to make sure they are working as they should and they appeared to be good.

Home About Contact Sitemap. At low rpm, you go from low kPa to kPa with very little throttle movement, making driveability ‘worse’.

Injector Dynamics Support

Send a private message to Zaphod. Here is a picture of an assembled board in the highest slot of the case. I have tried using data logs, but because I have have the free version of Tuner Studio I could only take very short logs.


What symptoms could arise from that? Niehoff has individual injector connectors under part number connector and sealing boot. When selecting a throttle body, mehasquirt are a number of considerations.

This has a negligible affect on fuel economy, since you likely never see 70 kPa while cruising.

What if I need ignition control? I believe I have a leak on the exhaust side of the turbo where the clamp hooks the turbo to the down pipe. The ratio of the “on” time to the “off” time determines the current through the injectors.

They can also create custom fuel rails for you, with the injector holes placed to suit you. Send a private message to midpack. Tubing megaaquirt available in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum for this purpose.