The vision of the MediaPortal project is to create a free open source media centre application, which supports all advanced media centre functions, and is accessible to all Windows users. Black screen in some situations when playing recordings at beginning and live point. We are calling this a pre release, but it is very stable. This is an important consideration when testing 1. The purpose is to allow you to test them so we can identify and fix any remaining problems before the final release of 1.

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Windows XP supports mediaporta 2x, due to it’s audio renderer. Metal has been updated by MrMario64 and MrMitchell o Updated to current state of msn messenger o New pictures, backgrounds, etc.

Make sure that you read the instructions at the end of this news regarding installation, upgrade and extension compatibility.

Written by infinityloop, on We decided to release 1. RC5 focuses on the last remaining, showstopper issues.

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Improved Interaction between Skins and Plugins Skin designers now have many more options to integrate dynamic functionality of MediaPortal core functionality and external plugins.

Full list of changes http: For details or manual, please refer to the related WIKI section.

It works on bit and s10 Mac OS. Image Caching option for skins While this does not sound like much, it will dramatically decrease the loading time required to switch between various screens or sections of MediaPortal, especially for HD skins which use high resolution background images. Hopefully we have mitigated this by replacing the default music views more in-line with those in Kiwijunglist’s guide to setting up music.


If no new showstoppers are found in this release, then MediaPortal 1.

X10 Medion Remote Mapping

The new WMC skin will offer the full look and feel, that you are used to and offer a lot of additional opportunities making xx10 even better. I found out in the forum how to do.

Removed license link from medkaportal dialog MCE remote support: Default channels mediapoftal not saved if no other channels were added Bonkalord My tv: The vision of the MediaPortal project is to create a free open source media medizportal application, which supports all advanced media centre functions, and is accessible to all Windows users.

Implemented animated page transitions and seamless navigation between home pages Fixed help label overlapping Fixed flickering of “currently playing” group button and changed the icon More fine tuning in all themes Using new ImageSourceWrapper for smooth transitions of fanart images Moved player controls into new “currently playing” screen right button in top group menuso they don’t overlap footer contents Added help texts for menu items to make features clearer to new users New “Windows 10” theme OnlineVideos 2 Added BrowserPlayer support for MP2, sites like Amazon Prime and Netflix should be working fine Added support for placing BrowserPlayer above the MP2 GUI New plugins: They will all get disabled and appear in a new section in the Configuration Tool: Of course, supporting a new operating system is not trivial, and there might still be issues that we don’t know about.


More updated plugins and tools are available! For a full list, see below. Please be aware that this is Alpha Software – so expect mdeiaportal to have some problems and quirks. Settings menu The settings menu section has been overworked and now displays its entries in a more logical order and structure. No need to install codec packs or separate codecs and filters!


Nopap Mediaportal

Some drivers are missing compared to ExternalDisplay chemelli – closed. Also, making a change to one plugin often resulted in another plugin developing a new bug. Mainly systems running for a very long time are affected.

Restore last position and size of MP when used in windowed mode. Genre Management Genres are managed differently now. Powered by Atlassian Confluence. However, the global increase xx10 stability and speed of the internet over the past few years is making it possible for more and more internet service providers to offer television services which you can receive via your internet connection.

Furthermore while on the NowPlaying screen, you can now switch to fullscreen visualisations by pressing X on your keyboard. medaportal

MediaPortal Version History – VideoHelp

Full list of changes You can review the complete change log for 1. In the meantime, there are other weather mediaporhal available in our Repository. Width of volume bar could not be skinned We have fixed the width of the volume bar element inside the skin which was not working.

Oh, and enjoy it!