Now with Windows 8 and now 10, Bluetooth has never been easier. Above list of dongles contains few best dongles for the PC. Poorly shielded USB 3. This mini device helps you to easily connect to any Bluetooth enabled device without any wire. If it is, right-click the icon and make sure it is selected as the Default Device.

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But it looks that its antenna has a capacity of 50m range. Bluetooth adapters come in two class: They also provide exceptional quality customer service.

If your device is having range issues when plugged into a USB 3. These devices are medalink on the following main features. You will need to do this if you have Windows Vista or 7. Look at the surveys below.

Best Bluetooth Adapters (Dongle) For Pc [UPDATED] DEC

Any other Bluetooth adapters listed here should be removed and disabled, e. Keyboards, headsets and other devices.

Also, the Bluetooth signal weakens as it travels through the metal and plastic case and goes past the noise-producing components.

It consumes very low energy from your PC or laptop and hence it is safe to remain to attach to the PC while it is not in use. The dongle can be bbluetooth seen through transparent plastic packing. Easy connectivity 80 feet range Supports all windows Durable.


Review: Medialink USB Bluetooth Adapter (MUA-BA3) | Poc Network // Tech

Make sure your Bluetooth headphones, headset, or speaker is connected. Most of the devices do not require special drivers or instructions to install they are just simply plugged and play. If yes, then we have the best solution for you. With the utilization of this remote option, an association of gadgets at work as well as at home is made simpler and more advantageous. If you are not getting that range and there are no obstructions, there is likely a problem of radio interference.

Bluetooth strength in distance is good, with some attached gadgets functioning up to ft away most devices fall within ft, with speakers reaching the furthest. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This mini device helps you to easily connect to any Bluetooth enabled device without any wire.

Linux profile support is provided through BlueZ and Pulseaudio. It is very small in size that you can keep it in your backpack or even pocket. Windows 10 will automatically download drivers when the device is plugged in, and no other software should be necessary for most users.

Its small and simple design makes it easy to plug and it will not block the space for extra ports due to its small and slim design.

If your device has optional USB Bluetooth expansion capabilities you must purchase the unit supplied by the maker of that device to ensure compatibility.


Just like a smartphone or tablet, Windows searches for Bluetooth bluetootg nearby that you can connect to the PC. The first is normally more qualified for those devices that need additional long-separate availability while the class 2 adapters are outfitted more towards the customer advertising. Learn how your comment data is processed. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

These dongles or adapters allows you a wireless connectivity. This is why cables that are designed to plug into the back of a computer often have a ferrite bead attached to them, to reduce radio interference. Windows 7 Click Bluetooth in the System Tray.

Review: Medialink USB Bluetooth Adapter (MUA-BA3)

Now with Windows 8 and now 10, Bluetooth has never been easier. Most of the class 1 adaptors have ranged up to m on the other hand uwb 2 has a range of 10m.

That assumes an open space without any obstructions such as walls or floors. It is backed by a limited warranty of one year.