Tower Security Contact options for registered users posted on August 2, , 1: I’m using a Hayes Optima though, so it’s not just the MD I’ve tried forcing the baud rate in the DLS software to various different settings and no joy. Tower Security Contact options for registered users posted on August 2, , 1: The panel picks up, says waiting for connection and then seems to time-out saying panel could not be identified. The panel did not answer phone number [phone number]: This error is caused by trying to communicate with a panel while the MCPH service is stopped.

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The modem manager First you must choose the desired communications operation Global dsc md12 modemGlobal DownloadCommunicate Tagsetc.

This site uses cookies to give you the optimal visitor experience. This error is caused when the modem has successfully dialed and waited for the connection but the panel did not answer the call. I select the correct panel, and when online with panel, I then scan for installed devices.

If you have already created an account and then wish to add the PSTN connection to it that is also possibility.


The connection between the modems is a balanced current loop allowing distances up to 18 km. Perhaps someone that knows a lot more about MD12’s will lend a hand here. Roland More Contact options for registered users posted on August 2,2: To view this you can click on the Options tab of the connection window and check the status mv12 this.


Well, based on the tones you are hearing and some wild guesses on my part I think the panel is rejecting your call. Make sure you have the correct phone number and all phone line connections are correct on the panel. Ensure that DLS is enabled on the panel and it is correctly set up for the proper number of rings, or double call.

This page was last modified on 6 Juneat If you do have enabled Automatically Open Account when creating the account it will open right away after clicking Create.

Something went wrong on submit, please try again later. Dialing [phone number] on modem 1 received busy signal: It will work fine after that. I have the same problem.

DSC MD12 modem connection problems

This even happens to panels I have successfully downloaded in the modsm. Contact options for registered users posted on August 2, Once you have this information dsc md12 modem would wanted to go back into DLS and choose the appropriate port and close the Modem Manager Configuration window. If they don’t, the panel will hang up on you.

In order to connect to a panel dm12 this connection you would require an MD modem which connects to an available serial port or through a USB-to-Serial adapter on your computer, an analog phone line for the modem to plug into and the telephone number that the panel is connected to with it being able to accepting incoming calls.


I’m guessing for the panel to reject by reason of the codes, this handshaking and “syncing” would need to take place first. In this location you would want to select PSTN and enter the phone number in the mldem below it md112 it appears.

Ensure that the phone line the panel is connected to is not in use. The account heading on the left side select the IP Address, this will bring up the TL advanced options. Make sure that the correct Com port has been selected and there are no conflicts associated with it. Please login or register. After you are completed with entering this information you can click on the Save button and this will either automatically open the account if mv12 have selected that option or save it to nodem main Start Page.

Logged esve Gold Member Posts: After selecting the connection type as PSTN two new fields will appear for the Phone Number as well as an option if you wish to do the Double Call feature on this account. Speaker Volume – Lets you adjust the volume of the modem. I’ve tried every setting I can think of in DLS, and am a little frustrated. Makes sure the phone line is connected, working and not in use.