Revision notes and power problems Robert Suess Al Bradford [ Can you give me hints please? Some keil mcb vcom features of this engine include the following: Vdom a 8 or M4 screw into the bottom point on the panel. Confirm it on your side. I could post our source partially, if you tell me wich parts are of interest. As we know now, the usbser.

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Do you want to hear more about self-powered fimware configuration? We suppose that there’s a problem with various usb host controllers Robert Suess Hello Andy, thank ,cb2300 for your reply.

Keil – An ARM Company MCB2300 USB VCom Port Free Driver Download

I have access to our firmware source code, so we could have a look at it. Has anyone ideas to definitely locate and maybe solve the problem? Application note Using the STVM to automatically adjust VCOM voltage vclm e-paper Introduction The widespread use of multimedia electronic devices, coupled with environmental concerns over the manufacturing. The failure mostly occurs on laptops.

The device and the PC have to be powered up at first. For self-powered device, the firmware has to watch the physical connection at VBUS pin. Sometimes mostly on laptopsthe installation assistent fails after first connection. We thought of a problem with usb hosts, because we cannot find any systematic in when the hardware assistent is successful or not.


This file contains information for installing the correct usb driver for the virtual serial connection. If there is a power problem, I will have to find it – thank you for your assessment. As Tsuneo points out, you should review ALL the revision notes on all the chips from Step ‘A’ to Step ‘D’ devices for information that might be revelant to your problem. This is not good. When the MCU powers down, the regulator cuts off by pull-down attached to the enable pin.

Personally, I beleive that you have power problems on your target board. We can’t test hundreds of different hardware configurations in PCs I just remembered another fact wich maybe is important to solve the problem: While development phase everything worked fine, but now – in null series phase – we tested our device on various PCs an recognized the installation problem.

Error installing virtual COM by on WinXP

After powering up, the physical connection between device and PC can be established. Another important fact maybe Al Bradford As Tsuneo points out, you should review ALL the revision notes on all the chips from Step ‘A’ to Step ‘D’ devices for information that might be revelant to your problem. Select Measurement Studio from the Filtered By drop-down list and follow the previous instructions.


Error installing virtual COM by mcbvcom. If you want to see solid evidence, monitor the USB line with a hardware bus analyzer.

What we don’t have, is a bypass capacitor on VBUS line, but there’s no urgent need to have it, mcb3200 Keil mcb vcom, if you want to develop your own cable, keil mcb vcom to the following guidelines for best results: I am able to understand the firmware, because i write controller programs too.

On Tue, Oct 28, at 2: Our problem is, that in some cases the XP installation assistent fails and the vcom driver is not installed after the installation failure.

When the device behaves unexpectedly, Windows also responds unpredictably.

Error installing virtual COM by mcb2300-vcom.inf on WinXP

But all the PCs vcon ServicePack3 installed and consequently an actual version of the usbser. Confirm it on your side. On disconnection, it disables engine and interrupt.

I read about some tools in usb-threads in this forum, vcpm have no idea where to search for the problem and wich tool to use for searching. WindowsXP uses a generic driver file ‘usbser.