Your tank cap should be suited for between 40kHz and kHz , just keep an eye on the tank voltage. August 14, at Same circuit as yours, at 40V, I busted a 3. What I meant by making your own is that you learn something about inductance, tedious winding work and getting parts for free, if we wanted we could buy it all, but where is the fun or where are all my money! Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Internal connections The second main factor is the resonant capacitor. You will only risk putting the DIY community in a bad light if you hurt someone and tighter regulations might hit us.

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The question is, how many do I need in parallel? Then, the gate gets 50V, and well, bad fate for it. That is helpful, I appreciate it. Same circuit as yours, at 40V, I busted a 3.

Flyback driver #3: ZVS – BOGIN, JR.

Just mszzilli you guys know an important fact about ZVS drivers. August 13, at The voltage and power of the arc were decreasing all the time, and now it was just barely better than the 2N circuit.


I have heard that under open circuit this puts too much strain on the secondary insulation which can break down. That kept the flybsck time decently low.

mosfet – Troubleshooting ZVS flyback failure – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

June 11, at Ignition coils are not center tapped primary though, so a different kazzilli driver would need to be used, more like a Meisner oscillator, with a resonant capacitor across the primary. After all, the electrical energy stored in an inductor has to get out of somewhere – When you power off, the energy finds some path or the other to discharge flybac, and resultant voltages can be considerably higher than the original voltage across the inductor.

However I chose to draw the output further and around 5 cm far from ground wire, the mosfet blown.

Experiment with the number of windings to improve performance. I am a physics student with some experience with electronics. The main advantages mazzillii this driver are simplicity of the circuit itself, very high efficiency and easily obtainable parts.

Hi Mads, Thanks again for yours mazzill Dylans advice. People tend to throw them away when the battery dies, so ive gathered three already.

Hey Sieu It is great to hear you have some progress, you might find that computer power supplies are not that easy to just put in series as they loose their reference points in regard to ground.


All i have are 25,40,60, volt schottky diode. Not sure of make or exect details either because i bought them on sale at a local electronics shop. Proudly powered by WordPress. November 3, at The arcs are 2. More turns on the secondary side will also increase your voltage output. The diodes make a statement fast diodes ; what ones did you use? At this point i would suggest increasing tank capacitancebut dont increase primary turns yet.

The mains voltage here is V so running it off mains is not something ill be doing any time soon, although my Solid State Tesla coil runs off mains.

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I finally got round to trying mine out on 36v input, http: Continuing the discussion here: Will I die or faint? I was wondering what the difference is between the irfppbf and the irfppbf-nd? If you get poor switching then redesign the drive circuit.

I doubt they are the cause but im just checking possible issues. I think I can get hold of an old ATX power supply from a relative who I will ask if they will mazzilli me have it sometime during the week. One of the FETs was shorted.