Over the course of two weeks, we gave the GB Maxtor OneTouch II a hard workout by transferring files, playing music and videos, and performing nightly backups. In fact, we recommend you do exactly this, as the One Touch II did consume a fair chunk of our CPU resources during the backup process. External drives operate by spinning platters inside, which results in so many revolutions per minute RPM. You can use external drives to access storage not kept on the main disk of your computer. Out of the box, the OneTouch II is scheduled to back up your system regularly, but you can reschedule automatic backups and change the files you want copied by using the improved OneTouch II interface. They are a little more robust and easily portable than a computer and don’t require charging or any other technology other than a USB cord. More than one available.

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Plug in the USB 2. Would you buy this? Unfortunately, if you forget your password and can’t supply the correct answers to the software prompts, you’ll be locked out of the drive.

Guaranteed 3 day delivery. This Maxtor GB hard drive is a capable pick for handling heavy data loads. Content provided for informational purposes only.

Maxtor OneTouch II – hard drive – GB – USB Overview – CNET

Still, if you have a lot of digital files to stash, it’s one of the easiest and most reliable places to put them. We tested out the Maxtor by performing both types of backups on 3.

Delivery Options see all. Out of the box, the OneTouch II is scheduled to back up your system regularly, but you can reschedule automatic backups and change the files you want copied by using the improved OneTouch II interface.


The other issue we found with backups in general is that you are restricted to backing up data only on local drives – the OneTouch II did not recognize network drives and network folders, which is a notable omission. The OneTouch II now comes with DriveLock security, a utility that adds password protection for access to the drive, although it doesn’t encrypt data.

Hard drives are an easy way to carry and store information. A Duplicate of 3.

The OneTouch II is encased is a rather heavy, but attractive looking silver case which rests on supplied stand. Despite a few minor glitches, the Maxtor One Touch II is a maxtorr, fast and secure way to backup your data. Using the USB interface, it can read and write at A waterproof, rugged walkie-talkie phone.

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Once you plug the hard drive into your computer or TV, mzxtor can instantly access information stored on the drive. While we like the convenience of automated Restore Points, we also like the transparency of being able to maxfor the file contents of Duplicates. More refinements More refinements I need power and lots of it.

While the OneTouch II is just as bulky and looks very much like the original OneTouch drive, it has vented aluminum trim for cooling, and the blue-lighted backup button is recessed.

A powerful business laptop with a top-quality 4K screen. That’s enough space for everything from 21 hours of video to a quarter million photos to an amazing 5, hours of MP3 maxtot. Available in a variety of capacities from GB up to 3 TB, there are plenty of sizes.


Maxtor OneTouch II – hard drive – 300 GB – USB 2.0 Series

All Auction Buy It Now. Security concerns may mean you wish to keep sensitive information stored on external drives. Additionally, Restore Points can be scheduled to take place at different times or days during the week and unit will automatically back up maxto data for that day. This links to the amount of time or speed in which you can read or write files.

Maxtor OneTouch II 300GB

The OneTouch II is bigger and much heavier than Ximeta’s NetDisk, although the included stand lets you sit it on its narrow side, freeing up more desk space. Perhaps our biggest gripe with the backup process was the lack of any indication of time remaining. Setting up the drive takes just a couple of minutes when you follow the CD’s installation routine, and the drive automatically takes the next available drive letter. Maxtor produces a selection of GB hard drives in a variety of colors and styles.

The other type of backup is known as a ‘Duplicate’ – which is simply a direct copy of the files onto the drive. The problem with restore points is that individual files within them are not accessible on the One Touch II.