You saved the day. In Registry Editor, navigate to: But there’s no driver to download. There was one of those yellow caution icons over the Matshita name and I was having problems with it and software. Can you help me?

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I didn’t follow the instructions closely enough the first time I tried it. Saturday, September 1, 8: I tried different system recovering dates and nothing. What you do notice is that most owners will try for months to avoid this. Thanks any help would be much appreciated.

MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJS ATA Device. | Tech Support Guy

Went to all sorts of places, tech lines, support including Sony VAIOno joy or a response “reload original image backup” – yea right, and blow away 15 months work necessitating another data restore and re-installing god knows how much software after 15 months of activity this knee jerk cue-card driven response from “techs” on “support lines” who have just about recognised a pc, and read out generic cue card solutions are dam lethal and need shooting at birth.


Friday, October 26, 6: When I saw this thread, I became so excited. Friday, August 10, 4: Expand Controland then expand Class. I am have the same problems. Sunday, September 30, 2: Type to search, or to run a command, type and then press the enter key.

Sunday, March 21, 1: Try alternate disc media DVD-RW, CD-RW instead and prior to that, try erasing the disc, if it doesn’t work, likely a failing device, else, the corruption in a file, insufficient temp space, added copy-protection created by the program. Right click and select Delete. I have made an interesting observation with this problem. Machine is a Sony Vaio. Report Respond to mindscape.

Tuesday, April 8, 5: Thursday, December 27, 6: Report Respond to narayanan. I had the same problem with my matshita-dvd-ram-ujs-ata-device-driver.

Saturday, November 22, 1: I did as you described in your message. Mine has just failed, and I’m not exactly surprised.


I took a chance and deleted both upper and lower filters, restarted my laptop, and my DVD-drive now works like a champ!!!


My matshita device don’t work yet, if I’ll fix it, I’ll give you solution to rectify this problem.

Tuesday, July 8, 3: Sunday, November 30, 7: New Tech Infosystems, Inc. Thank you so much for the write up!!

Monday, January 5, 9: Monday, October 1, 3: My computer programmer boyfriend even asked who IS this guy?