They used all our back line, apart from the drums, Stewart Copeland would only use his own kit. It would be like you putting a newspaper together on your own every day. There, Castle was ambushed and stabbed in the back by Martin Cross. Most of the vocals were double tracked to give it more power which meant that Don had to sing the same vocal exactly the same twice. The word got round that these people were acquaintances of ours, although in reality they were acquaintances of Don’s. It all fell apart very soon.

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We had to do all our recording after Performing largely for a skinhead audience, the first versions of the band released one album and two singles on Chiswick Records.

Ronnie was beginning to show his true colours. The police were soon on the scene and the Teds all ran off, but Grinny had been knocked to the floor with a mike stand, one of those with a really heavy metal base, it had come down on his face and before we knew it he was off in an ambulance. Apparently they used to be the singer and drummer out of Shabby Tiger, a skrewdrier glam rock band.

Sceptre; new edition 20 May A live recording exists of a June 77 gig at the Marquee, the actual date is uncertain. Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie.


Listening in … with the Band on the Rum – the Mark Radcliffe interview | writewyattuk

Above all, he sought notoriety and attention, which he finally achieved. I get the impression Burzum are more musically inventive than Skrewdriver, not that I’ve actually heard either.

I’ll do some checking. This is the story of those exciting early days of It was just ligging but it was great, a real eye opener at the time. Skrdwdriver you could make it by subscription.

Taking Sides: Burzum vs Skrewdriver

I dig out from the dust for you this historical article about Skrewdriver members during the years. Ted formerly managed Thin Lizzy and he owned the Rock On record shop in Camden Town which was a specialist record shop where you could buy obscure and collectable records.

He was particulary unhappy at the way people were all too often taking advantage of Ian. But Mark refuses to take my more pessimistic line.

The album makes trendy-lefty pseudo-revolutionaries pro-ZOG anyway very angry because it is musically so good: He told Ronnie that the band would skrewsriver up and in the meantime started to search for a new guitarist. The last Skrewdriver drummer, nicknamed “Mushy” used to play drums for a punk band Resistance 77 before joining Skrewdriver.

Mark Radcliffe – Skrewdriver member??!!

The Strange World Of We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The skinhead image was a fashion thing, maybe in hindsight a bit misconceived.


Like all decent people i despise what the name is now associated with, i wear it occasionally because i am reclaiming the original bands legacy form the Nazis.

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Skrewdriver | John Peel Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

It just seemed extraordinary really. Absolutely awful, it was like standing in a rain storm, a horizontal rainstorm, we went on and it was just coming at us, after the first number we just stopped. We survived on a diet of potatoes and baked beans. DaveCinzanoDec 1, Therefore I have no time for Skrewdriver. Then two years later singer Ian Stuart revived the name with totally different personnel and the full National Front manifesto.

To me the sad thing is rxdcliffe people are missing out on the chance to hear the band – an example of pure punk energy that made some great tunes. Half of the people I work with radcliffe a third of my age now, with many not even born when I started.

The long hot British Summer of was a musical turning point for many. Phil Welsmley about Ian: Effie was with us all the time.