Then i connect my infrared adapter MA to the usb port i get: My first thoughts bordered around “I bet that I’m going to need LogoManager Right now i’m really confused, i don’t know what to do. Can anybody help us? Below is a list of what exact models are supported so you can be sure you will actually have use for this before purchasing it: The MA is obviously aimed at mobile phone users, coming with the appropriate software for communicating with handsets, and half a thousand ringtones and even more logos literally.

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Infrared Configuration

Compatibility This adapter hosts the ability to interact with many devices, ranging from mobile phones to Digital cameras. Introduction Embedded on some older high-end phones and almost every single mobile phone today, Infrared has been around for a long time, and is a great, inexpensive way to connect your phone or other device to your PC or Laptop.

Been there, done that of course – hopefully someone on the train that day enjoyed their new Response inrrared get signal infra red from my cellphone belong to very fast, then moment communication is brokened off Irda take outside voice reminds me. The error message said that there is no ttyUSB0. The software downloading the phonebook. Join me while I void my warranty and proceed to display that fact to the Internet.


Unfortunately, he sent that.

Infrared Effective Angle – 30 degree cone angle area. I am having the exact same problem. Okay, it’s actually the IR adapter Share your thoughts with other customers. Having trouble installing a piece of hardware? The other inclusion is the small silver rodent with green eyes and a large black mouth. Find More Posts by cyb0rg I present to you Exhibit A – a remote control with its button being pressed. Visit the following links: Or i can directly use it in fedora?

Fast enough to transfer any file in seconds. Software is available for a wide variety of phones – including but probably not restricted to: Due to the fact it’s bandwidth is limited at Device Manager then ja620 the IR module: Unfortunately, he sent that.

MA Irda Interface, Infra Red – Irda, Accessories & Data | Cellink

Find More Posts by linx win. Although I don’t believe any product is necessarily perfect, giving this anything but a perfect score wouldn’t feel right, as it does exactly what it sets out to do and then some. The transfer of an aptly-named file called “1mb” was done to test transfer speeds. Inside You know you’ve been reading too many Dan’s Data reviews when you pull apart a perfectly workable device.


This adapter hosts the ability to interact with many devices, ranging from mobile phones to Digital cameras. Framing or parity error!

MobileAction MA IR USB Adapter – Overclockers Australia

Yes, this problem is very annoying. Installation As with all things I install, I didn’t make much use of the included CD’s drivers – instead going to Mobile Action’s website – downloading both the latest handset utility specific to my phone, and the latest drivers. After a ingrared with my consisting of the voice command “IR” I sat the phone so that its IR transceiver faced the transceiver of the MA Plug it in, do lots of clicking of Next and OK and pointing at drivers.

My old affliction of “New Toy Syndrome” comes back to haunt me every now and then – and I’m afraid that it’s happened again.

Windows went through a few detection routines. Also did dmesg have any good news, or just error messages? Join our community today!