My experience is with the USA versions of the Liteon and Be sure to wait for the recorder to tell you to turn the machine off and back on. OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid Hi Update on my previous hack post. Burn the Hacked firmware to a Data CD.

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All times are GMT Region code posted by Spaman, February 03 How to apply color correction using the Gradie On my first attempt I failed due to using incorrect firmware.

Do you all mean that I should use the hacked firmware instead of the Liteon provided firmware and why? The older one is most wanted.

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– Firmware on LiteOn LVW – Page 1

This hack is for the UK version of Liteon lvw Get the firmware from liteon. Skip to main content. Edit If you go for a firmware change, make sure that you select a version that is for your unit version I would not use a hacked version uupdate it would be better to hack a proper version of Well I hope that helps. Also note drive or burner firmware for replacement burners may lvw-0505 be updated in a PC before installing in the recorder.


Liteon LVW-5005 firmware details

It was dirt cheap. Good luck on your hacking venture as we all are enjoying ours. I also got the Region Free setting using the hack in the Setup screen.

I hope my encouragement helps you. The hacked firmware enables 3 hour record mode, makes recorder region free and removes macrovision copy protection that is useful for making DVD backups of VHS tapes that have macrovision copy protection which is useful if you have old VHS movies you’d like to copy to DVD.

Page 1 of Firmware on LiteOn LVW 5005

Go get ILOHack 1. How to record updahe on your screen using th I forgot to mention that the newer has a serial number that starts with the numeral “6” and the older one has a serial number that starts with the numeral “2”.

Had one fail, the Disk Door wouldn’t open so it was cheaper to replace the whole unit. Does this mean to replace “5c” with “60” and “0e” with “12”? Additional Product Features Progressive Scan. You can get winzip from www. Well, the hack posted by Mr. I agree with LCSHG’s Edit recommendation to get the original firmware, flash with it first and finally run the hack program on original firmware and reflash with hacked firmware which is how I did all 3 of the units I did.


How to record anything on your screen using th I do not know why. Region code posted by djd, April 24 Region code hack posted by Everio, March 16 I then downloaded the proper firmware and applied updat ilo hack. Bought one of these from Argos and very pleased with it. Then burn the unpacked files on a CD.