Find your local dealer online. There is a very small nick on the top of one, but they are in otherwise perfect condition. If you are looking for a high-quality subwoofer with the most accurate and precise in-vehicle subwoofer performance, then look no further. Do the leg work on the cost of the parts for me and I’ll email you an estimate to print up for UPS that will cover your hassles of installing the glass and bulbs on your own. Click here to read the stunning review of the Dynaudio X14 speakers in Stereophile Magazine October Founded in , McIntosh is known for offering distinguished home audio systems that deliver the ultimate experience in music and film.

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Pair Boston Acoustics VR high-end 2-way floor standing tower speakers in black. In order to get the best possible experience our LG.


Please be aware that most of these vacuum tube projects use potentially lethal voltages that can kill you so do not attempt outdoog if you are not familiar with high voltage safety! Ultra-compact but undeniably high-end: Results 1 to 4 of 4. There were rows and rows of shelves that contain all kinds of parts for older equipment.

They might not be the best ones ever made, but they’re surprisingly clear and have low distortion if you don’t overdrive them. You may be better off just going with a eld amp Crown, Haffler or receiver tri-path digital, or vintage with some bookshelf speakers and an SVS or Velodyne subwoofer.

Best Luxman TV, Video & Audio Accessories | eBay

Well, the search for information about McIntosh items is not so easy: Anybody know where I can outvoor some replacement blue tint for the old McIntosh meters that used tint under the glass?


Sansui receiver from45 watts per channel and one of the sweetest sounding receivers I have ever heard. The design of the solid mahogany ceiling facilitated high- and mid-frequency diffusion while also preventing image reflections from the screen.

Driven by a raw passion for music and its honest reproduction in the domestic environment. Areas requiring protection against water Overview of the IP protection areas Security bulbs More safety less heat in the ceiling More information.

These are considered one of the best British speakers ever made, “Id go with that” My first real speakers, I was 18 and h Sansui sp Speakers Sansui SP vintage speakers.

LG X power Android smartphone. These, and factory car sound systems are designed for average owners. This delivers high-end sound KEF is known for in an affordable system easily integrated into virtually any listening room or lifestyle. Being the European version, it can be operated on V or V.

We specialize in vintage and previously owned guitars, stringed instruments, amps, and equipment of all kinds. The Sansui was an ‘object of lust’ for me when they were new. We understand that reputable stereo and audio stores are not readily available to everyone. With some of the best cabinets on the market, these Wilson WATT Puppy competitors were more relevant in the late s than they are today but they still belong on this lofty list as some of the more significant speakers ever built for high end audio enthusiasts.

We have listings of Parts on Sunday, Dec The new Confidence speakers feature all new drivers and cabinet designs that are said to be the most advanced passive loudspeaker range in Dynaudio’s history. Local sale preferred but can also ship in original box.


I have a degree in Electronics Engineering Luxkan and have worked in trouble shooting complex electronic circuits and problems for more than 20 years.

Its purpose is to cover a spectrum of applications within the Healthcare. Why this site about the legendary McIntosh audio items? I’ve owned and used just about every MAC tube amp you can name, except for the really exotic commercial stuff and am currently using a pair of MCs in a bi-amp set up just because I happen to have two and it outdoor impressive!

We carry all kinds of Apple Macintosh parts for all Mac Models.

Tyler builds custom guitar amplifiers for a growing list of diverse artists. Dynaudio offers the best loudspeakers for your home, studio and car.

Luxman electronic 12W LED Driver Transformer Power Supply MR16 12V Downlights

As a replacement for the blue filters I have developed a Blue illumination kit to replace the existing incandescent meter lamps provided with the McIntosh equipment. Technics Digital Link has achieved an ideal amplifier configuration, minimizing any degradation between the pre-amplifier and the power amp, and resulting in superb stereo separation and reproduction of even the most subtle signals.

Product benefits Complete Kit for simple installation 16 Kit versions High-intensity. Einkaufen bei Amazon — Schluss mit Serviceproblemen!