We sell 3com modem exclusively. RedFerret Seniorius Lurkius Registered: Fri Jun 30, Higgins Smack-Fu Master, in training Registered: The existing modem will be removed, and the modem will be re-installed with a new name LT Win Modem or Lucent Win Modem depending upon the driver version. Could I use a modem that does not specifically say “voice” to use my computer as a telephone? As Greg says you need the correct driver.

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I think a lot of people with lt win modem and windows xp have these problems.

Slummin’ it in Cambridge the original one Registered: In many cases, all that is needed to upgrade the modem to 56k is a 5. May 24, Posts: The driver that is installed is probably the XP native PnP one.

You will need to change your dial-up networking connection s to use the ‘new’ modem. About the LT Mon Jul 03, 4: In some cases notably Compaq-supplied Tue Jul 04, 2: He just lives close to a switching station and never goes through more than one switch, ein pretty much negates high connect speeds.


Modems supported by the Lucent driver

Nobody mentioned if the US Robotics Winmodem is reliable, well-made, etc. Fri Jul 07, 2: Sat Jul 01, Could I use a modem that does not specifically say “voice” to use my computer as a telephone?

Try running Seti while your downloading something If they don’t know, get it elsewhere. The DSP digital signal processor may be one of the following chips numbers: With other modems, if there’s a glitch in the flash procedure, you wind up with a paperweight.

DialupModemHowto/Lucent – Community Help Wiki

Who makes good modems? My 56k external crapped out on me over the weekend, and now I’m in need of a new one. There are at least two PCI modems which are not midem modems winmodems. Oh yeah – just about every PCI modem out there is a winmodem.

Lucent WinModem v version Driver – TechSpot

Feb 11, Posts: Then a hardware modem is the only way to go. You’ve seen an external modem, right? If the problem started with the OS migration you know it is SW related. That damn 3COM cost me around bucks. You constantly read bad stuff about Winmodems.


We sell 3com modem exclusively. Modems based upon this Lucent chipset are also sold at retail under various brand names, and sometimes without a brand name. On the box, look for an indication that it uses the Lucent also known as LT chip.

I upgraded my computer from 98 to XP. Then when i tried to connect to internet by 56k v.

There’s a growing list of modems that have been tested with Linux and classified as WinModems, WinModems with Linux drivers, and ‘hardware’ modems.