LTSP diskless workstations handle audio locally. In this case execute the following commands on an LTSP server. I followed the instructions on the wiki, and after some symlinking and copying of files that didn’t go where they where supposed to I finally made it work. You will decide later how this is done. Nevertheless, with the right software on optimized setting the difference could be quite significant. While using Nouveau opensource driver, we experience poor graphic performance on clients, graphic glitches with Gnome while Plasma refused to run due to non GPL 2.

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HowTos for networked clients

Add this to the bottom of the “Screen” section. I am thinking of making the move from SuSE and wonder if there is any previous experience out there upon which I can draw. Note The examples are nvidoa since in wheezy kerberos was configured for samba too!

Using the default PXE menu on the main subnet You may need to adjust these numbers for your screen.

Needless to say that I failed. You may find that users lose files because they nvkdia save things into “My Documents” when this is not saved in the profiles. Also, some badly designed programs use the profile to store data and as scratch space. POL it will automatically be read by Nvidiz machines and temporarily overwrite the registry, thus applying the changes. Redirecting using machine policies All the instructions given above about machine policies apply here too.


The client machines boot directly from the LTSP server without a local hard drive. A special service called Samba, installed nvdia the main server, enables Windows clients to store profiles and user data, and also authenticates the users during the login. If all clients should boot as diskless workstations instead of getting the full PXE menu, this can be implemented by changing the symlink: They report that the solution is stable.

Intel Atom/NVidia ION

Views Read View source View history. The default values are defined under [default] ; to configure one client, specify it in terms of its MAC address or IP address like this: Configure this machine to run a printer in lts. Tell them not to store huge files on the desktop, and if they fail to listen, it’s their own fault when login is slow.

An alternative client package is xvncviewer. Refer to the section on upgrading MythTV. If you use hostname you must have a working DNS. You can alter the smb.

If the amount of RAM is less, the machine will boot as thin client. Hopefully it will make it easier for you to customize your own LTSP client.

If you understand German, http: There can be many reasons for a large profile, but the most common problem is that users save their files on the Windows desktop or in the “My Documents” folder instead of in their home directory. While using Nouveau opensource driver, we experience poor graphic performance on clients, graphic nvodia with Gnome while Plasma refused to run due to non GPL 2. Post nvidja Derek Harding Ltsp-discuss mailing list.


Examples include personal files, desktop icons and menus, screen colours, mouse settings, window size and position, application configurations, and network and printer connections. The caller needs to be root or a nvdiia of the sudo group. Enter now for the Oracle Space Sweepstakes!

UbuntuLTSP/AtomIon – Community Help Wiki

It is intended for use just after installation on the main server, to update LDAP and other files that need to be edited to change the subnet. To use IP addresses in lts. The above protects initial login, but all activities after that use unencrypted networked X.

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