See the following sample output. Enter a valid IP configuration for each network interface. Type Q to exit. It is present as lid 69 and it is being managed by lid 2. Following is the list of OFED packages that you have chosen somemay have been added by the installation program due to package dependencies: At that time the alliance changed its name to the OpenFabrics Alliance. After the reboot, the Server Module should come up as a functional member of the InfiniBand fabric.

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Software Delivery Repository

During interoperability events, all participating companies have the opportunity to observe all linnux run on all products. To view details of operational status, type the ibstat command.

Enter n to complete this part of the installation.

Enter the rpm -ivh command for each InfiniBand package that you need to install. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

linux系统安装OFED(infiniband) – BaoLinChuan的个人空间 – 开源中国

IB utility to probe and show the fabric. The kernel also includes core InfiniBand modules, which provide the interface between the lower-level hardware driver and the upper-layer InfiniBand protocol drivers. Trying the default compiler: Type Y to continue, as shown above. The configuration script guides you through the ofee one at a time.


After the reboot, the Server Module should come up as a functional member of the InfiniBand fabric. Consult the Sun Blade Series Product Notes for the most recent information about supported operating systems, firmware and software updates, and other issues not covered in the main product documentation.

The alliance sponsors interoperability events at the University of New Hampshire. See the following message. The process of building packages takes approximately minutes.

The LinkUp state indicates active participation in an IB fabric.

OFED contains the following components:. For up-to-date information, check with open source organizations linyx your current vendors. Next, you are prompted to configure InfiniBand IP support. Enter the ibstat command to verify that the OS sees the IB em. You can also verify that the InfiniBand fabric is operational by entering the ibnetdiscover command.

OpenFabrics Alliance – Wikipedia

At this point, the installer begins compiling InfiniBand packages. The OpenFabrics Alliance is a non-profit organization that promotes remote direct memory access RDMA switched fabric technologies for server and storage connectivity. Do you want to continue? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Note – You need Write access to the files to execute the install script. MT Lihux of ports: Various vendors contribute their drivers and other software components to OFED.


The patch is available under:. Inthe organization again expanded its charter to include support for iWARP, which lknux a transport technology that competes with InfiniBand. To do so, choose one of the following procedures:.

When you decide on the appropriate access method and package selection, you can add the packages to the KickStart configuration file on RHEL for automatic inclusion in future installations.

Optional You can enter the ibnetdiscover command to verify the presence of an operational IB fabric. Iterate oced InfiniBand configuration over all InfiniBand interfaces. Enter a valid IP configuration for each network interface. A community of developers from hardware manufacturers, software vendors, system integrators, government agencies and academia continue [update] to work on OFED.