Recorder test printout completed. Cutter not at stop position. Density test printout in progress several densities. Time loop of about 45s. Take-up cassette is full; material is cut automatically. Selected density too low. Photomaterial was not recognized.

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Photomaterial was not recognized. Parity error on the LI5 interface. Software synchronization error on the Llinotronic interface. Remove the take-up cassette – cut has been performed.

LI5 interface may not be served by the recorder.

Technical specifications

Recorder test printout completed. The selected density is too low. Film unloading is started.

Hardware revision number too large for firmware. Has been Polygon fault.

Hardware revision number too small for firmware. Selected density too low. Liinotronic values are assumed. Change the take-up cassette. Insert film into the film transport system. Take-up cassette not inserted. Framing error on the LI5 interface.


Tachometer correction error on writing the correction values. NVRAM data structure obsolete. End of film approaching alert.

Film is being advanced. LI5 partner RIP not available. Recorder aborted the job at the receiver operable signal ROPR.

Linotype Hell LINOTRONIC Image Setter

Zero mark of the film transport roller not found. Cutter initialization, move to cutter stop, if necessary. Online processor not available. Density test printout in progress current density only. Film unloaded from the film transport system.

Calculation of tacho correction. Press both Reset keys. Polygon tacho correction not successful. START signal did not trigger an interrupt. Online processor not ready. Linotrronic backend defined as imagesetter cannot see the RIP. Status Messages During Operation.