Unfortunately this does not work properly. Set up security to match the router, SSID, password, type of encryption, etc. This was a bad idea. Message 1 of 11 47, Views. I wish I had seen it earlier.

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Setting Up Linksys WPS54G Print Server

I set up a sub network using my old LinkSys Router assigned as If not power cycle the device. This worked perfect for me today, and I am super happy.

The forner replay is probably the best explantion of installing the WPS, but it is not quite complete. Thanks in advance for your time.

Once done with this settings then unplug the Power from the PS and unplug the Ethernet cable It installed an HP universal driver. Have not been be to figure out why, but linksye seems that some data gets stuck in the buffers and this is the only way to flush them out. If you do not know the IP address of your print server, access the router using your browser.


wihdows Here is my complete solution. Enter Subnet Info Example Message 6 of 11 36, Views. I then used the Linksys CD to setup with wireless print server. I first setup the printer on my Windows 7 machine and I was able to print a test page. Print a test page. Driver is not available for windows 7. Message 5 of 11 38, Views.

I separated the two routers physically by about 15 feet, using prlntserver long Ethernet cable, to lessen the chances of interference from one router to another. After a hard reset of the print server, connect a LAN cable directly from print server’s Ethernet port to your PC or notebook’s network port. They will simply ask for money to answer even the basic questions. Follow wpe54g link how to add the PS ports on your computer.

I wish I had seen it earlier. Set the printer as the default. I have tried multiple configurations, drivers. Message 4 of 11 40, Views. Message 8 of 11 34, Views. Message 1 of 11 47, Linkays. Amen to that last poster Connect the print server to the printer using a USB cable, let it reboot, then test print.


Wait for all lights on the printer server to turn green before continuing with the setup.

Installation of WPS54G Print Server for Windows 7

Unfortunately this does not work properly. After several days of struggle, I have everything working. I am posting what I did, in case other folks struggle with the same problem.

I can no longer print. Once you get a reply from your print server, it indicates that it has connected successfully to your network wirelessly.