Are you sure that this will allow me back to access all the data without loosing them? Use my firmware and SCP instead. The batch file has two commands: You will probably need to create a batch file for each user that you have and place the the apropriate batch file in the startup folder of the appropriate user. Presumably because it was a one-way rather than two-way transfer.

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I too am having the same issues with Vista. These are the rules that I went by in setting up my home network and haven’t had any problems. I will do that. I realy appreciate it.

Are you sure that this will allow me back to access all the data without loosing them? When Windows connects to a file server, it will always try to connect with the credentials of the user that’s currently logged in to Windows.

I forgot visya password I used to set this up. Message 3 of 9 4, Views.

vvista I can assure you it is. Is there any update that I can download of this softeare? Disks will get HOT with standard fan, use “green” disks or consider replacing the fan. Double click it You should see a directory there – whatever you named your shared folder.


NAS MB/sec transfer speed from Vista? – Linksys Community

Message 8 of 11 4, Views. I have a similar problem and am also not sure how to set up a batch file. You will not loose any data if you remove the Hard Drive and then reset the unit Message 7 of 22 12, Linkys. Is there a way for my computer to autologon to the network drive.

Vieta 3 of 6 11, Views. NEVER insert or remove hard disks while the power is on. My system then auto detected, and asked the the original installation CD. This can probably be done more efficiently, but luckily, you only need to do it once.

Forgot password to NAS 200

Once again, many thanks for the reply. I know vista has its issues but it sems the linksys has its issues.

I have set up network drive mapping in Windows Vista but I always have to enter my username and password. Well, I finally received the beta firmware and it resolved the login issue that I posted about which is nice.


NAS200 and login

Any luck on this? What am I doing wrong? They will see the web GUI with their browser but they won’t be able lijksys access the files via a file share. Use my firmware and SCP instead. FYI, the NAS lets you make a backup of your configuration that you can restore if something goes wrong.

I had to logon to NAS using different user ids from each computer. Message 10 of 22 12, Views.

NAS and login – Linksys Community

Does each drive need its own batch file? Can anyone help me here? How long did you press the reset button?

No, your suggestion did not help.