It is intended to be used in conjunction with the actual source code. This may be used to provide more screen space for kernel log messages and is useful when debugging kernel boot problems. This delay occurs on every CPU online, such as boot, and resume from suspend. Accepted values range from 0 to 7 inclusive. The format is comma separated list of “[ID: Retrieved from ” https: We assemble and deliver in Europe within 24 hours.

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Only one of vga, efi, serial, or usb debug port can be used at a time. If DOS locks are open on diki media when it is ejected then that unit number remains used.

Linux Kernel Boot Parameters

If the system runs very slowly, it pibata have a BIOS bug that causes part of the system memory to be uncached. Note there is a space following “–” and before the added option.

Any changes made will affect the current boot only wiji must be made each time the CD is booted. Shuffling tasks allows some CPUs to go into dyntick-idle mode during the rcutorture test. Move the storage driver out of the staging area The Hyper-V storage driver relies on the staging area. Network packet “highway” by bypassing the complex network stack. A non-zero value sets the minimum interval in seconds between layoutstats transmissions. Here’s the ones I can think of quickly:.


Add in errors and you have to decide whether to retry or just give up. If you need to use this, please report a bug. Determines the “Enable 0” bit of the configuration register. Default is 0 don’t ignore, but inject GP kvm. Note, that this option will hide an actual bug that really should be reported and fixed rather than worked around.

Libata FAQ – ata Wiki

For example, you can do debugging of Address Range Mirroring feature even if your box doesn’t support it. Over time, each command was implemented one by one using libata to do the actual work libtaa talking to the device.

Depending on platform up to 6 ports are supported, enabled by setting diki bits in the mask to 1. Note the Linux specific bits are not necessarily stable over kernel options, but the vendor specific ones should be. Most users don’t have serial console capability, so we’re mostly guessing in the dark.

Page History Login to edit. Wikki this boot parameter is not specified, only the first security module asking for security registration will be loaded.

Defaults wimi for bit NUMA, off otherwise. Install Ubuntu Clicking on the install button or double-clicking a language selection will start the installation process. This determines the maximum number of callbacks the client will process in parallel for a particular server. Both approaches are valid of course and there may be others.


This is the the default. In this example, we have three OO.

Linux Kernel Parameters

This option can be used to achieve best performance for particular HW. Allow x32 to be configured Security: For comments or queries, please contact us. On many newer controllers, such as AHCI, even with the transfers between the controller and device are PIO, the transfers between the host and the controller are DMA, and so bit data transfer also has no meaning. Kernel would try to allocate at at least M below 4G automatically.


The idea is that each time you change media you get ljbata new unused unit number. Also note the kernel might malfunction if you disable some critical bits.

Useful for debugging problem modules.