The whole process costs several thousand dollars, and requires the blessing of other companies. There is no way you could stuff the functional equivalent of Internet Explorer, Netscape or Opera into a phone. We should note this is superior to the T’s numbers with standard battery installed. Once recived, your used mobile phones or other used electronics are inspected to make sure their condition matches your evaluation. Since it is a design defect in the phone and one they have known about for almost a year, that is not acceptable. Note that whether you pay for mobile web or not, you always consume airtime minutes in accordance with your plan while using the browser and it is online. There have been a few free proxies over time, but they all fade away after a few months.

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LG VX Specs, Features (Phone Scoop)

Additional features include dual displays, 1xRTT high-speed data, e-mail, and lgvvx dialing. This site used to list the changes in the and revisions. The Verizon Wireless site is at www. It is unknown if headsets by other manufacturers will work. This proxy retreives pages for you from the rest of Internet.

LG VX4400 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Don’t show this again. There are no other differences between the phones. It is recommended that you upgrade to 11 if you have an earlier firmware. If you would like to compare it to other phones, you should make a list of what is important to you reception, analog, number of ringtones, availability of coloured faceplates, size, price, price of accessories, battery life, applications to load, synchronization software etc.


The VX is 1xRTT compatible, so you can browse the wireless Web at relatively high data rates in theory, about 56Kbps using Openwave’s browser, which we like because it offers caching technology. The phone has a builtin web browser. A VXB was released later in It is a thick brick of a phone, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in durability.

The default settings will work fine. Susteen have released DataPilot 3.

The phone did not like being charged by this cable. The terms and conditions allow no redistribution of your software. If you want to make your own home page, but don’t want to learn WML, it is quite easy.

Click for full glossary page. We’ve changed, we promise. Note that whenever any of these programs talks to the phone that this setting will change to “closed” and that after a reboot it usually reverts to “USB”.

LG VX-4400

Toward the end though, shutting the phone would not end a call could be bad situation depending on who you were talking to. There have been a few free proxies over time, but they all fade away llgvx a few months.


Must include original package and all accessories. You can read more about cables and drivers in the BitPim online help. The phone is BIG. Send us item in a box with our prepaid shipping label.

Slightly larger than a pack of gum, the VX is compact.

I never felt the need to upgrade as BitPim’s functionality surpasses that of DataPilot. The process is detailed on the Qualcomm site. The mobile world might finally get exciting again in Condition definitions Perfect Functions Flawlessly; Looks like it has never been used. Note Verizon never did make J2ME available.

LG VX (Verizon) review: LG VX (Verizon) – CNET

If you are going to change any settings, write down the original values first. Warning I did get a data plus charge cable from one vendor “for the 400.

Is the LG a better choice? The phone also comes with a belt-clip holster.