Sure enough, the folder was gone from my Program Files directory. Sorry for the double post, but no one was replying Your fingers will tingle with anticipation when you use the LG Incite. A great phone for the price! It’s not stellar like the best Motorola phones and Nokia phones, but it’s solid. The Incite lasted us 2 days with moderate to heavy use.

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CT810 Support

The Wifi works very well, although I would like to be able to save multiple profiles that inctie both DHCP enabled networks and Specific IP address networks so far I haven’t got that figured out. I have had no glitches or problems, and every application seems to work well. The Incite runs Windows Mobile 6. The custom Today Screen has buttons at the bottom for calls, contacts, email, favorite programs you can select your favorites and a shortcut to the full LG launcher shown, left.

BUT if you search in the web, exist a lot of resources for “Mod” the phone and take advantage of all the potential from this incjte, for example: For a warm fix, the GPS managed to find 7 incjte indoors near a window– pretty good. It seems no self-respecting WinMo manufacturer leaves out the obligatory skinning of this aging in terms of UI operating system.

Phone call quality is excellent on 3G and volume is loud. The phone, compared to the metal LG Shine, is very light and slightly flimsy in feeling. So I found my bluetooth adapter for my PC, and after I installed the proper software I could connect to my phone no problem.


Note that the LG Incite does not have a d-pad!

LG Incite – Smartphone Reviews by Mobile Tech Review

It’s USB cable isn’t proprietary in that the cord is quite common to a lot of devices. In fact it’s about the same size and weight as the Samsung Eternity touch screen feature phone.

The tap, then tap again steps to launch programs from LG’s launcher, the too-small UI items and less sensitive screen that sometimes require more than one press make the phone seem less than brilliant. I was able to fix the problem at least temporarily by disconnecting the device, deleting it from ActiveSync and reconnecting.

You may also like. I can last the whole day without problems, and I use it a lot so if you’re likely to leave it on standby for a good majority of the day, it could probably last a long time.

XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. This is an excellent starter smart phone.

LG Incite CT810 – Problem with USB

Web browsing, youtube, facebook, and email all over wifi so no expensive data package. No one has any ideas at all? It’s not stellar like the best Motorola phones and Nokia phones, but it’s solid. Nice phone if you tweak It!!!


There is a stylus but no silo much like the Omnia, though we didn’t feel the need for the stylus as much with the Omnia. Built in speaker, mic and 3. Call clarity is very good and the contacts views are great. We do like that LG has added finger scrolling support most everywhere, so there’s no need to use those too-tiny scroll bars.

So now I’m back to having no means of transferring files to my phone. The 3G data can’t be turned off easily or at all, without third-party applications and the default applications for connections are not combined at all so you have to use many different applications to change the connection settings.

Camera The camera got us all hot and bothered: Android Apps and Games. Other than that, nothing happens on the phone. It’s very small and light.

I purchased this for my wife and she loves it. Get 10 programs running concurrently and any Windows Mobile phone uzb slow down. Better than some, worse than others; not much you can complain about.