I never said that Lelouch’s survival should be treated as canon. To strengthen the point Luloush is immortal now: This also includes the fact that she touched his hand, and thus would have felt the life coming back to him don’t know how long it takes to get “revived , along with all his memories. The original Japanese ending of Code Geass which shows the cart driver smiling after C. They confirm that Lelouch’s death was one of the first things they decided for the show and that his death was a matter of principle to them “their sense of aesthetics”. His hand movements show that he just lightly brushes his eyes and not putting in or out contacts.

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Also did you know that Johnny Young Bosch dubbing Izaya Orihara from manga Durarara who is in terms of personality somewhat similar to Lelouch, both are cunning, charming and crafty? One it is already shown that a perfect replica of lelouch is possible in the world for when his maid disguised herself as him to make sure his absence from school was not noticed. I made the following changes:.

Again, I regard those as little more than conspiracy theories by disgruntled fans who think the ending is somehow “unfair”. The way Orange reacts is also a good indicator that lelouch is not dead as well as marianne not being dead.

When Suzaku says ” I will accept this Geass” it was because Luloush made a metaphor that the real Geass was like people’s wishes. Can’t get any better than that.


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Code Geass R3 was confirmed but with different characters so Lelouch won’t be there anyway. That was why he smiled in the end” also the Nunnally scene is explained by the site as well, stating her blindness can see through peoples hearts. Lelohch I know that the second I mention this, people will instantly start the “see! In any case, I’d rephrase the question, something like: Aagon traspassed his memories to Nunally before “die” Otherwise all aspects of anything in any work of fiction could be refuted by anyone and Wikipedia would just become a giant cesspool of conflicting information.

It’s very annoying to have to continually put down little spurts of replicating mis-info over and over again with the same logic. I don’t know which first name is the proper pronunciation, but I was wondering if the alias Lelouch used when first meeting Villetta Nu be put in waogn alias list alongside “Zero” and “Julius Kingsley”.

The Real Ending to Code Geass – Forums –

WikiProject Fictional characters fictional character articles. Since if he was alive and obviously that well known anyone who would see him would panic therefore a disguise of that magnitude is required. He never explicity states “Lelouch is dead” or “Lelouch is not dead,” even when the interviewers turn the topic of conversation directly to that matter. This may have already been brought up, but I lleouch suppose the videos of the uncut ending have any impact on this do they? Wsgon doesn’t confirm either way.

Neutral or not, the article is erroneous as it is now.

The Real Ending to Code Geass

What are you trying to do, find a fake reason to take down my post? That’s the price Lelouch would have to pay for.


Those are YOUR opinions, not others, let them believe what they want. He did not even wish for Nunnally to live on or etc. This origami crane can be found on the cart next to CC.

But the story writer didn’t give a direct answer but said that it is up to the fans to decide whether or lwlouch Lelouch vi Britannia is dead. In this interview they confirm that the decision to kill Lelouch was a unanimous one, the entire show staff agreed: While he never actually says “Lelouch died” in the way that would satisfy skeptics, he does confirm numerous times over through different word choice that Lelouch is, indeed and not immortally dead.

I want to believe that Lelouch and CC will live together, forever literally. Whether he gained the fathers code or not this holds true as his story is finished. Don’t embarrass yourself like that in public. I agree there’s difficulty defining a “real” name, but the fact is it’s Lelouch’s acknowledged name and he assumes it again as soon as there’s no longer any point hiding under a fake name.

By either making the second season, in fact, a discontinuity and within the non-canon, or by leluoch prequels prior to Lelouch’s wannabe martyrdom. But we see him changed in the last episode.