Lelouch had the Geass in both eyes and he received the Code when he killed Charles. Lelouch could have made that crane, and he would have to be alive to make the crane. The drug refrain that the Elevens take is so they can go back to a time when Japan was great. Apparently the staff were unsure about whether to make it come across as funny or not, but ultimately the comedians so to speak won the argument. However, Lelouch says in the first episode: I’ve copied the relevant part below:. Innocently caught in the act of a genius’ work of crime.

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This isn’t absolute proof, but when Lelouch was under Charle’s Geass, he essentially “died” and the classmate he commanded to continually make a marking on the wall stopped making that marking. These 3 movies largely follow the original series, the differences are mostly minor, a few things less minor, but apart from one thing there’s nothing massively different.

It’s nothing like Geass or some special vart like that.

He is fully aware and when he told Nunally that they would walk their own paths because she had her own way of thinking. So Lelouch would be “R.

Nor did he ever pass it down to Lelouch. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I personally preferred season 2 as compared to season 1, but that’s just me. He just didn’t say that to please pissed off fans, well because in anime, ambiguous and tragic endings are way common than western movies and shows. The whole show holds a special place in my heart as an anime fan. While it’s undeniable that Lelouch’s story has ended with a full stop, the other characters’ stories are still on-going, and leloucb not like the world [of Code Geass] itself has come to an end either.


Sorry for replying so late, but regarding your previous comment this image just confirms it. I can’t really argue against the possibility of this, but there is no evidence supporting it at all. This is an official image. This blog has existed for just over 5 and a half years now. Posted July 17, at 7: To the point of nauseaum. So it leloych always confirm character deaths.

Code Geass R2 episodes 21-25 – But what about the cart driver?

It must be Lelouch right!?!?!?! I believe that this establishes that there’s a pretty strong opinion that Lelouch is, in some form or another, dead. Hence Luloush the 99th emperor of britannia is literally “dead”. When Llouch is on the cart, she talks a little bit, then tilts her head towards the driver, and says,”Right, Lelouch?

Code Geass Ending Completely explained.(Spoilers) : CodeGeass

I just finished and it was really helpful to grasp all the concepts of Code Geass. Posted July 13, at Now if only I could remember how to spell your bloody name. In Code Geass there are immortal beings who have the ability to grant people a “geass”.

Thanks so much for this! It’s possible that she was talking to Lelouch’s spirit, since she could talk to Marianne’s spirit as well, but I think that she is talking to the cart driver. Sad taste you have there kid you lelocuh up to me in the first place making you look more like a kid who got slapped without me even knowing it and start crying about it to me.


Now many people say that she was crying because he was going to die for achieving world peace but actually this scene might have a deeper meaning because she is crying over the fact that he is giving up his identity of Lelouch vi Britannia and breaking his relationships with his friends and leoluch Nunnally who he valued the most so that humanity gets a second chance and so that Nunnally can live in a peaceful world as he always wanted moreover also keeping C.

Thep – LOL so it wasn’t just me that got it: Do not link or direct users to pirated content.

How do you know that the driver is Lelouch? So why would he stand by as Suzaku killed Lelouch? If this seems unfair to you, then it’s worth remembering that many other characters with far fewer crimes died in the series, so lwlouch some sense it’s poetic justice for Lelouch to also die.

At the ending of Code Geass R2, the last scene showed someone whose face wasn’t showed riding a horse-pulling-cart with CC.