Punch the Maharajah and he’ll flee to one more location. From here, you can jump directly down into the next part of the tunnel, skipping the handrail above the lava pool. Jones threw dynamite at the Slave Driver. Send a small character through the crawlspace. Put the Key in the gears and turn away to right the platform. Use the rope to reach the small ledge above the lava.

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Now send Shorty through the crawlspace to give the boss’s helper a good whack. Step into the updraft to snag artifact piece 2. Later, when you return to Barnett Collegeyou can go to the Mail Room and pay thestuds postage due to unlock the “Character Treasure” Extra. Then carry it to the machine. The Maharajah will heal him every time when Indy hurts him from now on so before he can be defeated, the Maharajah must be knocked out.

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Continue forward through the opening made by the mine cart. Select Indy, have him push the large green cart into place on the right side of this area, re-select Short Round, and have him jump from pot to pot, to reach the Maharajah’s location.

Since your explosives guy should also be wearing an enemy disguiseyou can use the same character to knock at the guard post and trick the guard into opening the prison cell door. Smash the tool barrel just to the left of the wooden door to get the wrench inside.


The second is on the right, near where the mine cart tracks curve around toward the back of the area. At the beginning of the battle, he’ll be defeated easily but after he’s taken some damage, the Maharajah will heal him. Next, grab a bundle of dynamite from the box below the ledge where the Maharajah is standing. In the alcove above i.

The first thing to do is to use the dynamite and throw it on the metal bars that are holding Short Round from getting out of his prison. After rescuing the princess, return along the narrow ledge to the left and climb the handrails to get back to the main area.

The boss man will move onto the conveyor belt. One’s on the left, one’s on the right, and one’s on the lower level.

There you’ll find the parcel and a purple stud. Use it to repair the bucket lift. Aim at the slave driver through the fence and throw. Free the Slaves Unlock Last Edited: Switch to a Thuggee character and activate the Kali statue near the slave cage to make artifact piece 6 appear.


Then pull the handle to extend a staircase. Dig up the sparkling area on the left to find another handle. Hop down onto the narrow ledge next to the lava pool on the right. The fight quickly moved on to a conveyor belt used for transporting rocks to the rock crusher up ahead.

He will then open the door for you. Whip swing across the lava to the cave dlave the background. Use Indy’s whip to raise the wooden ledge. Carry it around the corner and add it to the broken engine.

Punch the slave driver slae few times until he falls down. In the next room stand Indy on the whip platform and pull the ring above to get the bits needed to build a handrail.

No part of this website may be reproduced without permission. Hit him and he’ll flee through a little hole on the back wall only to emerge on the next ledge to the right. He’ll retreat to an anther vantage point.

When you dig up the third skull, artifact 9 appears.