Some of them are trustworthy to return the letters, but often they become coasters in a neighbors apartment and are even sometimes thrown away. I must be in a lucky neighborhood, as ours is straight up awesome. If you had a choice, would you clean the bathroom or make a run that lasts a few hours away from the office? They’re rude Gossipers they talk about every customer including me I bet They are clock watchers. Break room will soon have mice since the floor is never swept on and on. Instead of walking down the sidewalk at this home, our driver opts to drive her car across the lawn instead.

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Is your janitor lazy as hell like ours?? – Postal Employees – Federal Soup

How have your mail needs changed in the last decade? No self-promotion without mod permission. I have called multiple times and keep getting told that the clerk is checking with the carrier and I will get a call back yet I have not after 4 hours. We moved to our home in March and the ‘new’ development was a few months old before that. When I tried to do that, I was told that I needed two pieces of ID with my local address so that I would be allowed to rent a mailbox.

It is free and quick. All of a sudden, I guess somebody retired, they started driving through my yard, as you mentioned, leaving ruts.

My dad dropped by for a visit and explained that he met my mail carrier as he was on his way in, but couldn’t find a package outside anywhere. All i know is Prime better have my harddrive here tomorrow promptly at 8 pm.


A microbusiness is just what its name implies. I’m not sure what to do.

Where is the mail what is the post person doing with the mail. They push away the best customers to lessen their workload. Not sure why that’s such a fun thing for kids, but she makes it laziet for all of them.

Laziest Postal Driver Ever Drives Over Lawn Instead Of Walking On Sidewalk (VIDEO)

She then started to complain it was upss much work to carry our 3 lb packages to her little truck and began refusing to do it unless a customer, employee, etc was around for her to have them do the work for her. Charleston subscribe unsubscribe 12, readers 62 users here now A community to share news, events, gatherings, stories, and more for everyone that calls The Holy City and the surrounding communities in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester Counties home Come Chat With Us Community Rules Rules described in depth here Paziest 0: You cannot create polls in this forum.

The first stations janitor was a mess. I don’t think I have ever seen a vertical door slot in person, but I can’t imagine the side of the hinge makes a large difference. Seems the Charleston branch is a little slow based on the tracking I’ve done in the past.

Why are USPS postal workers so damn lazy?

We live on a main road in rural upstate ny where almost all the homes have at home mail delivery. Submissions must be related to Charleston, SC metro laziiest. They lie about delivering packages in my hood. But I would appreciate a retraction of that Steward remark.


Why are USPS postal workers so damn lazy? | Lipstick Alley

I didn’t know other people experienced the 3 day amazon prime situation. You are supposed to get a response from management with regards to the The Supervisor was very unprofessional and threatened me. Pickett why the tracking shows undeliverable he said, “It was probably on the wrong truck. I think there should be something done about this.

Being the excitable dog that he is, she startled him and he grabbed at her pants. I explained to the Postmaster that it was not a physically manned office and he told me it didn’t matter and that he didn’t mean to be rude, but if it were him delivering the mail, he would have it returned too since there is never anyone in the office.

I wish i could do more cleaning but management wont let me Thats why it seemed like such a strange issue to me. The reasoning for non-delivery is bogus “business was closed, could not deliver” when the delivery location is my residence.

I phone the PO and explained 3 of my neighbors, on my side of the street, have the mail box mounted at the front door of the house and laziets mailman walks up 25” each way leaving the truck on the street to place mail in box. Our custodians are contracted out.