Plug and Jack Color Code. Otherwise, the center speaker may not emit sound. This test is usually performed when no sound is detected from the speakers, and after all other solutions have been tried in the “Table of problems, possible causes and solutions. Once software settings are verified and determined to be correct, proceed with the Table of problems, possible causes, and solutions below. Triple cable is not connected to Santa Cruz sound card. All other adjustments for the speaker system are made using the computer or keyboard audio controls, including overall system volume.

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Use the diagnostic feature to determine that the tone is heard through all speakers.

Dell Altec Lansing Ada THX Certified Computer Speakers | eBay

Too much bass or adaa995 is distorted. The satellites can be placed even with the front surface of the monitor’s screen or in cm behind it. All other connections are made in the same way. It is designed to stand firmly on a traditional computer monitor.

Wall outlet not functioning Plug another device into the wall outlet same jack to insure it is functioning, or, try plugging the ADA speaker system into a different outlet.

To use this function: The three cables separate from one another several inches from the end, and each of the three cables ends with a different colored plug: You may replace the fuse only with a fuse of the same type and value as this fuse. A rotary bass level control is located on the rear of the subwoofer. If you have a 21 in. Switch on the speaker system. Connecting the satellite speakers to the subwoofer Each Satellite speaker has a cable with a colored, mechanically-keyed plug attached to the cable lasning.


Make sure each color coded plug purple for Right Rear speaker, gold for Left Rear speaker is fully inserted. The subwoofer’s test tone will be a lower frequency than that of the center. A slight notch or catch in the smooth rotation of the knob can be felt when the mid level is reached.

Sound source is distorted. To prevent electric shock do not use this polarized plug with an extension cord, receptacle or other outlet unless lansint blades ada99 be fully inserted to prevent blade exposure. The three cables separate from one another several inches from adw995 end, and each of the three cables ends with a different colored plug:.

Triple cable is not connected to Santa Cruz sound card. However, these connections drawings show a back view of all the speakers and the subwoofer. You can also lay it flat; you can even place it under desk drawers if space permits.

It has two stands allowing two different mounting positions. This allows a variety of roomplacements. Your system comes pre-configured for 5. Do not use the center speaker without a stand attached. You can now position the center speaker on a desktop or other flat surface, but NOT the top of your computer monitor.


The satellite speakers and center speaker are magnetically shielded to provide protection against monitor image distortion. These are critical acoustic components and must not be blocked by a wall or other hard surface.

Dell Altec Lansing Ada995 5.1 THX Certified Computer Speakers

Top View Wall-mount brackets For your convenience, two wall-mount brackets are enclosed for use on the rear speakers. In addition, excellent results are obtained when the surround speakers are in line with, and slightly above the listener’s ears.

Center lansibg placement The center speaker should be located between the front left and right satellites, near the middle – for instance, on top of your computer monitor.

The subwoofer is NOT shielded and should be placed at least 2 ft 0. When seated normally at your desk, please repeat the steps above but put a check in the Listening within 4 feet of the monitor check box.

Open the speaker controls software and turn down the Sub LFE control. It shows typical settings for popular music types and DVD audio.

The plug can fit in its own jack on the back of the subwoofer.