This won’t affect linux as you’ve noticed. The kernel source we’re using is much further back on the development tree, here’s my dmesg output when I boot. You will find what settings they used – that is a good starting point. Is it possible that just updating the micrel. Results of Ethtool root jcimityx: Any recommend would be very helpful. Rather the board file does the setup of the phy chip directly.

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I can just see eth0 by Iconfig command! I recently worked on this a bit.

Also, Can you tell me which registers are in KSZ for write delay on it and how an example of phytool will be very helpful. Help Go to top.

RGMII interface with KSZ – FEDEVEL Forum

Add support for new PHYs Remote and local loopback functions verify analog and digital data paths. Add definitions for common Micrel PHY registers The tools do not work because the micrel.


Buy from the Microchip Store. Thank you for the response.

The KSZ offers diagnostic features kssz9031rnx facilitate system bring-up and debugging in production testing and in product deployment. Add support for 1GB nand Driver is located in Linux Kernel. The KSZRNX reduces board cost and simplifies board layout by using on-chip termination resistors for the four differential pairs and by integrating a LDO controller to drive a Update partition scheme for JCI.

Enabled micrel phy support Only show products with samples. Add support for KSZ Fix TIWI defconfig Most of these are micrel phy related.


Please contact sales office if device weight is not available. Search in titles only. Another board with KSZ linuxx ok? A USB device connector can be used to power the board as well as programming and debugging it. There does appear to be an entry for the KSZ phy.

If you like, double check that with the chip manufacturer or check the reference boards.


Add ability to select first phy detected Is it possible that just updating the micrel. Last edited by Via ; This won’t affect linux as you’ve noticed.

Do you have the following commits in your kernel tree? No any difference, I checked in details.

KSZ9031 on a SabreSD based board

To reduce the speeds I modified the phy config table for the and set it to basic features instead of gigabit. I haven’t tried you’re suggestions yet. I read also about component placement on same reference ground plane, But I see in many design nobody cares about it!