They work with DigiNet software I have tried Version 4. The software has excellent search and review capablities for recorded video, and can export standard MPEG video clips. This works reasonably well but certainly has it’s share of problems – the PC’s hardware being only one. Under freeBSD I had to write a little utility to configure a multiplexer chip on that board. Video Software Development services. Please read this thread http: Also, what cards pref.

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They have a Linux version but the software is horribly broken. The DVR systems are sold as whole units. You will need two for 16 channel. Manufacturers with new DVR Capture hardware many want to consider our software.

sell Kodicom cctv DVR card->CCTV equipment

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If these are out of your price range then take a look at Zoneminder They have some cards on their site but don’t expect too much in terms of performance.


We have refreshed our online catalogs at http: What you are ‘missing’ dear fellow, is good fortune and judgment. It’s extreamly rugged and even in a machine shop would take hours to open.

International Hong Kong Technology Co. Posted March 30, Elite, Avalon, Apollo etc They way the Jodicom Safe works is it’s both Glued and screwed down in place and can only be opened with a lock and key.

Our software supports from 1 to 16 cameras at full Screen and Full Motion. Contact for info and price quotes. Once this is ran, each Bt look like a stand alone capture board.

Mr Sokol and his team are available for contract software development. View of User interface. I have some of the manuals here This board is supported by oodicom bttv driver in Linux 2.

Kodicom 416 Cctv Dvr Card

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Kodicom416/Kodicom4400/DigiNet/DVR Card (KMC4400)

We will keep you informed on our progress and look forward to hearing from you. The software has excellent search and review capablities for recorded video, and can export standard MPEG video clips. DigiNet is often resold under many differnet names. kodixom

Since we control the source code, we often add custom features for our customers. The video can support variable bandwidth’s as low or as high as possible so even a D emonstration remote software for download: Posted March 25, I also tried to install the software on other computer but does not work.

Please read this thread http: