The touch is pleasantly light and very fluid for a keyboard with dome-switches. The keys are not clicky but they are quite tactile, have plenty of travel, and – for a traditional keyboard – a relatively light touch. The other one is above the Backspace-key on the top right and is kind of confusing. The Kinesis Freestyle 2 is an ergonomic keyboard that you can divide in half so that the two parts, and consequently also your hands, are right in front of your body instead of directed inwards. Why I changed to Kinesis Freestyle 2:

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There may be several reasons for this.

Meet iBubble, the world’s first intelligent, autonomous, wireless underwater drone French start-up Notilo Plus claims it has launched the world’s first intelligent, autonomous, wireless not tethered underwater drone. The other one is above the Backspace-key on the top right and is kind of confusing.

One is that my hands are now so far apart that it’s harder to cheat on touch-typing.

10 ergonomic keyboards review: typing responsibly

Keyboard kinfsis, model and price: You will need to remember these though. The obvious solution is to move the keys so don’t have to swivel your wrists, which means the keys on the left hand side will be at different angle from the freesfyle on the right hand side. First, it scores badly in reviews at Amazon. Together with the number keys it is quite crowded in that place of the keyboard. Ratings and Reviews Write a review.


If you take the leap, remember it’s not an instant fix. However, I’d used it quite happily for 31 months, so it wasn’t bad value. The height of the stands can also be adjusted to three different levels and the keyboard can be used without them, simply lying flat on the table. The flexible cable that tethers the two parts together can be disconnected, allowing as much as 9 inches of separation between them and giving you the option to place the modules where you’re most comfortable. Matias Ergo Pro While we find the Ergo Pro the best keybaord when it comes to actual use, the placement of the Control-key is very unfortunate in our opinion.

Microsoft Comfort and Sculpt keyboards do this, and they work well for a lot of people.

At the time of writing it is not for sale in the Netherlands, at least not in shops that are found in our Price Comparison. It is so much more comfortable typing on a slanted keyboard with your hands right in front of you than on a regular one. Want to write about another keyboard? Volume buttons F8, F9, and F10 do not work with laptops and desktops as far as I know. A cheap no-frills Microsoft keyboard. Either way, I think it’s a good idea to go ergonomic before you need physiotherapy, not, like me, afterwards.


People who bought this also bought. Logitech K Wireless Keyboard – Black Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard Review. Kinesis Keyboards and Keypads. Trending Price New. Apple Apple is no longer worth a trillion after tech stocks take a beating.

Excellent product for touch typists, but I would not buy it at the full price. Toshiba follows WD in colour-coding its hard drives, but with different colours Toshiba has colour-coded its hard drives to help buyers pick the right kind of drive for their storage needs.

Best ergonomic keyboard made today I love this keyboard, whether standing or sitting it is easy to adjust and allows me to change positions frequently. I’m still tempted to try it, but this is a “driverless keyboard” and the keys are 22 programmable. Kinesis The problem with straight keyboards is that they are straight, while your arms are not straight.

Hands on: Kinesis Freestyle 2 ergonomic keyboard (updated) | ZDNet

However, my typing speed is about 10 percent down on what it was with the mushier Fujitsu KBPC keyboard. Contrary to what the company says on their website, the keys are quite loud. Rii Mini I8 2.